Staff Test (Comment)

If you are a moderator or owner, then comment on this post. If you don’t within 24 hours, you’ll be demoted. (Brigadier General and above.)

Don’t talk about this post on the Discord.



  2. 3intimidator
    Major General.

  3. Quite the test isn’t it!

  4. Coolguy1608
    Brig general

  5. Anme
    Lieutenant General

  6. RoseTyler
    Major General

  7. Pika/Starvsblack2

  8. Jt
    Brig General

  9. Junie
    Head General

    also i have a secret rank called noob

  10. Don’t know if this counts towards me since I was just promoted yesterday, but I’m here!

  11. Perry
    Second in command.

  12. I’m not a mod, but I would greatly love to share this post with you fellas.
    I have decided to move on from being a simple cowboy or cyan guy or whatever I was before. From now on, you can call me…
    Agentpman firefighter version.
    Yes, this change may be tough to go through, but I believe this choice is better for all of us.
    You might still catch me wearing my old cowboy suit for fun and games, but it will only be for nostalgic purposes.
    I hope you understand. Thank you for reading.

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