The First Battle

Within only a few minutes of declaring war, the Nachos attempted to invade one of our servers.

They did not succeed.

The Nachos logged off after only about ten minutes of fighting the RPF, with some confused rogue soldiers running around the island like a chicken without a head.

Below are some pictures of the battle. The Nachos used vulgar language in some of the pictures, so be warned before you look at them.

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Twitchy543, 2008 Veteran, Former RPF Rebel Commander (4x), RPF Icon


  1. We won’t lose with that idiots again.

  2. dont post pics like that its ugly

  3. I didn’t see any swear words.

    • By vulgar I didn’t mean swearing. The Nachos are said some racist things during that battle and I wasn’t sure if anything they said made it into the picture or not, so I included the warning to be safe.

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