the problem with templars [why the cpa community might never return]

Hiya RPF,

I am Silverburg, former leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation. I haven’t been an active force in the RPF for over a year, and because of that this is the first post I’ve made in that time. I was banned on RPF chat for the first half of the year, but ever since I’ve been unbanned I have been more active in RPF affairs and have found myself even attending a few battles, something I couldn’t really imagine myself doing ever again.

Since I’ve been logging into Club Penguin, I decided I would check out an event from the Templars. The Templars are a new army that happen to have my former partner and exiled RPF legend Elmikey leading them, as well as a few other people who used to be army leaders. When I logged on and saw the Templars, I was immediately suspicious because of the almost pitch perfect uniformity and the names of the penguins involved (penguinguy, japaneseguy, flipmoo, etc.) I also notice that these identical penguins could never do the tactic at the same time and that they all entered rooms one after the other. It was evident that these were multilogs, and it was confirmed who was doing it when Earthing (a high ranking Templar) posted a pic of a tactic from a penguin called “jujuju” despite the fact that Earthing’s penguin was at the event too. When I approached him on it, he refused to answer and just said “lol”.

Said “bystander” in Pop’s post was actually me XD

So now that we know the Templars have multiloggers in their high ranks, we can see that the Templars are merely a reflection of what armies used to be before Club Penguin closed. One of the reasons that the CPA community was so repugnant was because there was lots of cheating going around, and almost every major army had a scandal every 2-3 months. The only army which never fell victim to a scandal, or at least at the frequency of any other army was the RPF. Since the non-cheating RPF has been basically the only CP army for over a year, stuff like multi-logging became something of the past. But we have seen somewhat of a mini-revival of armies as of late, and there have been many new armies being created including these Templars. Since one has already started cheating, it’s only a matter of time until the other small armies start cheating too in order to keep up.


domino effect!1!


This is the problem with the army community being revived. It sounds good in theory and even I supported a new community being formed because it would allow for there to be competition, which would incentivize RPF to work harder and also make it more fun rather than constantly just doing training sessions. However, I was also under the impression that since this would be a new community, it would also mean that there was a clean slate and that people wouldn’t resort to stuff like cheating. I was wrong for thinking that, for two reasons.


Reason 1: The same cheaters who cheated on CP are going to cheat in the new army community.

Reason 2: Tactical warfare which is dependent on size and flawless tactics encourages multi-logging.


So because of this, I would like to make a plea to my good friend Elmikey who leads the Templars. You are the person who has control over that army. I know you can’t be on that much right now, but you don’t have to affiliate yourself with cheaters. You should fire the people in the army who are multi-logging and who are people from the past who did dumb things and will probably do dumb things in the future, and instead hire people who are capable of good who can lead while you’re gone. Then when you come back, you can recruit and do your thing and then actually construct an army yourself which could perhaps rival RPF. The people who you choose to work with will be what makes it or breaks it.


As for the current Templars, RPF is going to absolutely demolish you. Not only does RPF have a severe tactical advantage over you guys and a way bigger army, the RPF also doesn’t resort to cheating to achieve these things. You will not be able to keep up with the RPF, and they will make it very difficult for you on the battlefield. The RPF are the masters of the community right now, and I feel like it should be the obligation of the RPF to encourage the growth of new armies and to crush armies who break the rules. Through this, a community can be formed on the principals of fighting the good fight and it’ll be something amazing.


In conclusion,


Don’t mess with the good fight



  1. Couldn’t have said it better!

  2. Their crusade hunts are over!

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