The Retirement of Popsiclebeak

Hello all,

At long last, today is the day I depart from the RPF leadership. I truly hate to leave, but I’m heading off to college this month and a lot of uncertainty lies ahead for me, so I’ve decided to take a step back from leading RPF at this point. I have plenty to say about my time in RPF and what the future holds, read on if you’re interested.

I joined RPF on August 8, 2016. I remember the day I joined. A bored teenager on summer vacation reminiscing about the days I started playing CP a decade ago. I had no idea I was joining the organization that would define my life for the next 2+ years. I headed over to CPAC and looked at the list of Top Ten Armies. Number one that week: Water Vikings. Number two: Rebel Penguin Federation. I visited the websites of both armies. When I was greeted more openly on the RPF Xat, I sent in my join application. I attended (no exaggeration) every single event for the remainder of that Summer. AUSIA, EU, US, you name it. I was there. Unfortunately since we had some pretty lazy leaders at the time, I (along with everyone other low rank in the army) was not promoted once the entire Summer. However I didn’t care about that at the time. I didn’t care about the politics of armies, or even winning for that matter. I was just enjoying reliving my childhood.

Legends Cup Finals (2016). I’m pictured bottom left

After we won the 2016 Legends Cup, Chip and Bounce joined RPF for leader. They were the first leaders I really connected to at all and enjoyed. Armies were kind of dead but we won the Champions Cup in November. It was a really chill era and most active people from it have dropped off the face of the Earth by now.

Champions Cup Finals (2016). I’m pictured top right

A plethora of prominent RPF figures would rejoin and lead me in the months that followed. Twitchy, Lord Pain, Silverburg, Ghost, Elmikey, Chip, and Bounce rounded out a massive leadership core. I tried to learn from them all and take their best qualities. They led through our war with the ACP, and through the Christmas Chaos Finals that year. Twitchy promoted me to the high command on January 10, 2017.

Invasion of Breeze (2016). I’m pictured bottom middle (blue lei)

Eventually our wars had ended and the leadership had departed. Junie was promoted to leader after the news of Club Penguin’s shutdown surfaced. We cruised through the Spring for what seemed like one last hoorah. And then…

Then CP died. Armies died. Yet RPF did not. Our best era began and I got leader. RPF proved everyone wrong and I’ll forever be proud of what we did that Spring. And then it got even better. Summer rolled around and RPF dominated. 50+ every event. Then up to 60+. Then 70-80+. And before we knew it we hit 100 in August. I was so proud to say that I led to that number. 100 was a major milestone obviously, and RPF had been on the backs of just a few leaders for most of that summer. I thought about retiring then and going out a legend who just hit 100, but I was having too much fun.

Operation: Jet Pack (August 2017). 100+ RPF in attendance

When Fall rolled around, RPF stayed solid and soon began to amaze us once again. We were consistently hitting 70-80 every single weekend. Every event was massive for a couple months there. That was probably our most consistently great time.

Tuba Hunt (December 2017). 80+ RPF in attendance

We all know what happened in December, I’ll spare you all the boring details once again in this post. However the aftermath of that left us without a website, and without Left in the leadership for a while. We had no recruiting base because nobody could find our Discord for a month, but we really worked hard that month and somehow maxed 90 in January. I was never more proud of RPF than in that moment. We had been off of CPR for weeks due to Olympics. We had no website. And we banded together in our time of greatest need and proved we were still dominant.

Operation: Comeback (January 2018). 90+ RPF in attendance

The end of Winter and Spring are still a bit of a blur because it was so recent. I remember CPR closing and moving to CPU. We hit 100 on CPU despite the miniscule playerbase which I was obviously thrilled with. Other than that we just kept grinding away until our move to CPO, which was clearly a better suitor for us. AUSIA maxed 80 which was awesome. And then the Army League was founded. We went to war and crushed 7 armies. We won the Legends Cup. RPF proved to still be the dominant army and I loved every second of this Summer.

Legends Cup Finals (2018). One of my all time fav tactics LOL!

Of course, many of the best memories I made in RPF had nothing to do with the CP or army aspects of it at all. Messing around on Xat in 2016 will always be some of my favorite memories. I met so many (crazy) hilarious people. I remember the RPF Xat chat pass getting stolen, and the chatroom being taken over by a bunch of spanish-speakers for a day. I definitely won’t forget that one. I remember playing with old friends I haven’t seen in over a year now. Staying up all night watching movies with my Summer ‘17 squad is one of the best memories I have. Talking and laughing in Noob Club with a bunch of my close friends is something I’ll remember and cherish for a long time. I can name countless scenarios, but those of you involved know who you are and I love yall.

The memories I made, the friendships I forged, and the success I strived for here will forever remain fond memories for me. RPF, and Club Penguin Armies in general, are the strangest yet most amazing thing I’ve ever partaken in. It’s truly impossible to convey what I’ve done here to anyone who didn’t experience it with me. Those of you who I’ve led with, laughed with, and fought with on the battlefield, you’re all part of the RPF family and I will truly never forget you. I could’ve never anticipated how many amazing people I would meet through RPF. Thank you for giving me an incredible ride.

When I was appointed to Rebel Commander, I had no idea what to expect. I never really thought I’d be leading RPF, but I knew I was up for the challenge and I knew I wanted to keep RPF going strong for as long as I possibly could. I poured countless hours into updating event schedules, leading events, tracking mascots, making posts, and reviewing thousands of join applications. At times it was tedious, but looking back on everything now I wouldn’t change a thing. RPF thrived and gave me an amazing 2 years. And I became a legend. While I was your leader during this time of prosperity, a leader is nothing without his followers. To the rebels who rocked with me and stayed loyal through it all, thank you for bringing RPF the glory and success that it deserves. This run in RPF was special and it wouldn’t have happened without you guys. While my chapter leading RPF is closing, it isn’t the end for any of you. I hope you all fight the good fight until the very last day that you can.

RPF is far from over. I may not be your leader anymore but I’m definitely going to be around to help out and see RPF dominate. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this incredible community next. Keep up the great work and remember, REBELLION NEVER DIES!

I love you all <3

Fight the good fight!

Signing off–

Popsicle, Retired RPF Leader, RPF Legend





  1. We’ll miss you.


  3. You will be dearly missed popsicle. Thank you for everything and good luck in college. :I

  4. Good luck for college and fight the good fight. (salutes)

  5. One of RPF’s most genuine, and committed leaders, you will be missed. Good luck in your future endeavors, and keep fighting the good fight in life.

  6. See you later, space cowboy.

    F.T.G.F – VenHur

  7. FTGF Pop

  8. Goodluck, Pop!

  9. FTGF dude GG no Re

  10. We will miss you, M’lord. Fight the good fight ^^

  11. Goodbye, Pop

  12. Rosilina The Dragon

    Everyone will miss you, you were such a good leader.
    Good luck in all future activities.
    Have a lovely life.

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