The Wars to Come

Hello all,

The Rebel Penguin Federation hereby declares war on the Templars

With the formation of the CPO Army League, the potential for growth in the community is at an unprecedented high point. However, some armies apparently feel that they are above the law. RPF will not stand idly by and allow the community to crumble. Enter the Templars…

The Templars hosted an event today on the server Sleet. Some RPF went to scope it out, and it was immediately apparent that something wasn’t quite right here. Upon further investigation, it became apparent what was going on.

The first penguin we noticed was “Flipmoo”. For those of you who don’t know, Flipmoo is the name of an ACP Legend from several years back. Flipmoo is not in the Templars server, and is not associated with armies at all right now. So that name popping up was certainly suspicious. On top of that, this penguin was clearly brand new, with 0 stamps.

Soon we noticed a trend. Nearly every penguin at the event was brand new and had 0 stamps…

This is a big sign that the army is multilogging. If it wasn’t obvious enough, a member of the armies high command exposed himself multilogging just minutes later.

As you can see, it is immediately pointed out by a bystander on chat that Earthing’s CPO account did not take that photo. Yet somehow he had immediate access to it…

The bystander also catches on to the obvious multilogs, and comments on how none of them seem to be in sync.

Earthing is further questioned, and when confronted with the fact he’s been caught multilogging, he simply ignores again.

RPF does not want to see the cheating and toxicity that plagued many years of CPA reenter this community. Therefore, we will take out the Templars and stop this madness before it escalates further.

The Templars are currently being led by Elmikey, Xing, and Games, with Earthing in a position of power as well. Many of you are probably familiar with these names, and know that even before this discovery these guys have typically been trouble for the community. If we want a community that fosters growth and fun we cannot stand for this.

Earthing has already confirmed 10 more multilogs for the next event!


Fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader





  1. the last part LOL

  2. I quit RPF stop emailing me.

  3. they all gonna get whacked with my yeezy collection!

  4. I do hope not too many people are manipulated into joining the Templars! Seems like a group that would lie to people to get them against us. We must put an end to them immediately!

  5. so this what elm is doing now

  6. i love tea.

  7. i’ve known xing for a pretty long time now and hes always been like this lmao. he’s multilogged in all of his armies, easily 5 or 6. even though i’m UMA born and bred its glad to see the rpf taking action as the templars would stand no chance to them

  8. First RPF battle since I joined to NOT involve the Tubas

  9. Well looks like it’s back to battles.

  10. Down with the Templars!

  11. When darkness falls

  12. grabs popcorn

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