To All WRPF Supporters


The evil group called WRPF has tried to overthrow the current RPF Commander, Elmikey. After the RPF fell, several people who were around during WRPF’s era started to visit RPF chat very frequently. They tricked the RPF owners into trusting them, and some were completely brainwashed by them. Because of this, a coup de’tat was attempted on Elmikey by not only members of WRPF, but some of RPF’s most respected soldiers. I am very disappointed that many of the soldiers who I trained to fight the good fight and always support the RPF Commander decided to turn to the dark side. RPF is currently in CODE RED. Elmikey will remain the only owner on chat until this situation is sorted out. Anybody who tries to rebel against RPF will be banished.

And if something like this is tried again, I will return as Rebel Commander alongside Elmikey and make sure that whoever betrays RPF is wiped off the face of the Earth.



  1. I will join the fight against WRPF. I’ll always remain loyal to the true RPF. I will FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!!

  2. i am loyal to rpf i will remain here for a long time we will bounce back from this we are the rebal penguin federation all fight the good fight

  3. Fight the good fight my fellow comrades, and let’s get rid of WRPF supporters together!

  4. I am ready to fight against WRPF. Fight the good fight!

  5. this reminds me of the last book of The Hunger Games

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