Club Penguin will be closing in less than 2 months

All Former RPF Legends, Veterans, Officers, and Troops Should Rejoin for One Last Ride

As March 29th (the Shutdown of Club Penguin) Approaches, There Will be Several Community Wide Events, Such as 2007 Style Battles and a Huge Tournament. If You Have Ever Been in RPF, We Want To See You There!


  1. I’ll try 😛

  2. Superguy 234 / Icy4me2

    It feels weird posting here again after 10 years, but Club Penguin and RPF/Armies were a huge part of my childhood, even if I was only around 10-13 years old at the time. I might actually swing by if possible.

  3. Salute, i will be.

  4. I’ll be there

  5. To everyone seeing this comment, CP armies cannot survive and we know that. However, there are other communites that can survive calamities such as this one. If you want you can come, it’s called I’m going to miss everything, but never lose hope, what if this cp island turns out to be better? By looking to memories will only make it worse, it’ll make you more sad and will rise a desire for you to be back in those times when you know you can’t. The future may hold great events. Just have hope.

    Chip edit: Your site link has been censored and will be reviewed at a later time. If you want it to be looked at, ask a leader on chat.

  6. This post has certainly gotten my attention. Since I’m in college now, my schedule is pretty unpredictable so I won’t know exactly what will be going on for me on March 29th. However, I’ll make it a point to visit chat and have interesting talks with you all once more 🙂

    Fight the Good Fight

    • Even if we do, it will be incredibly difficult to recruit any new troops, and getting them to stay with RPF would be even more difficult. Whithout the flow of new recruits and advertisement CP Armies will die out, with only a few loyalists to remain. Eventually, when nearly everyone has left, Leaders will be forced to shut down their armies for good. Our only hope is if everyone switches to the new Club Penguin Island App and hope recruiting will still be possible.

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