Toast Sandwiches…A Waste of Time?

Hey, it’s your investigator here with another report!

Today we’ll be discussing toast sandwiches and how they may be a waste of time!

Have you ever tried a toast sandwich before? Do you know what they taste like? Well, here’s a better question: Are you hungry right now? Here’s something that may increase your appetite…but just remember, Left, RPF King in the North and wielder of dragon energy, tried one before and it was a huge waste of time!

Image result for toast sandwich

This is a rare image the Nachos don’t want you to see!

Now, back on the main topic, toast sandwiches can be made in different variations. But, there’s one main thing that each toast sandwich has: bread. Is this a coincidence? I think not! Toast sandwiches may have something to do with the Illuminati.

Image result for illuminati transparent background

After all, they’re also both triangle-shaped. I believe I have found a secret organization that the Nachos don’t want you to know about!

I leave you to theorize!

Fight the good fight!

-Junie, RPF Second in Command



idk stop asking


  1. Amazing. I say we hold an event based on this fact

  2. Well yeah OF COURSE THEY ARE ILLUMINATI, I mean, even a blind man could tell that. The thing is that, they must be hella delicious because of this, must be satan’s doing or something.

  3. Nachos are iluminati. They created toast sandwiches to waste Left’s time to make us vulnerable to attack! Yes it all makes sense now!

  4. Oh my god, toast sandwiches are made of square bread cut into two triangles, does that make toast sandwiches….DOUBLE ILLUMINATI? 😮

    Guys, I think we are onto something, this is what they don’t want us to know.

  5. its not cause of the bread that they relate to the Illuminati, its cause of the toaster. They can melt butter. Butter has 6 letters. What else has 6 letters? That’s right, Toasts. What are toasts, they are heated bread! Bread has 5 letters. How many letters does the word “five” have? Four. How many sides do toast sandwiches have? four. We are decoding their secret. How many sides does the Illuminati have? THREE! 4-3=1 How many eyes does the Illuminati have? 1. Toast sandwiches and their fellow companion, toasters, are part of the Illuminati CONFIRMED

  6. You’re not investigator, you’re mafia!

  7. i think dafts theory might be the right one xD

  8. Is our enemy army, The Nachos, returning??

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