Troop Interviews – Dino, Queenieliz, Fluo, Ghosts

Troop Interviews

This week marks the thirtieth (BIG 30 BOYOS) official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently are Junie17125, Percy, MissMariss, Lucy0600, Danielle, Ditiboy1016) asks two or more individuals questions. These questions that are asked may not be the same throughout each interview as it is wanted for each interview to be original and have its own unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked are to achieve a better understanding of each soldier and how different/similar everyone is to one another. There are many soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, as you may know, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests to be interviewed.

The interviewees for this week are Dino, Queenieliz, Fluo, and Ghosts! 4 interviews in one post…never done before! Passed all the competition man Pewdiepie is next!


Wew, 4 interviews! This is gonna be fun. Let’s focus on this one first, shall we?

HEY, IT’S YOUR BOY, JUNIE17125, BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH ANOTHER INTERVIEW. TODAY WE INTERVIEWED DINO (and it was an interesting one). So, let’s start off simple! How’s it going for Dino today? Let’s warm up Dino with an easy question before we go into the topic of his crush!

Now, let’s start with the actual interview! Love is a truly fascinating thing, and I assume my buddy o’ pal Dino is in love with Second in Command DJCrystal! I asked him how his relationship with DJ is going and, well, unfortunately not much progress has been made. You’ll get there someday, Dino!

After asking the question of what he loves about DJ, I discovered that it was initially a joke before it turned into a real thing for her! Truly amazing!

Now let’s move on from this topic and into ordinary questions. I asked Dino when he joined RPF and it was way back in 2015! Wow! He used to be a moderator too.

I asked Dino if he likes RPF more now than he did in 2015. He said that he loves RPF a lot but he’s leaning a tiny bit more on now than 2015 because of having the opportunity to know more people, especially in an age that’s better than 2015.

Fight the good fight! Dino prepared us a speech as his last words.



Alright, boyos! It’s Lucy’s first interview and she’s getting right into the questions! First, she asks what Liz’s favorite part is about fighting the good fight! Liz answered that one of her favorite things is the community! We have such a wonderful community filled with such amazing people.

Moving on from RPF and dwelling into questions that would bring out who Liz is as a person, Lucy asked which fictional place Liz would want to visit the most! Now, Hogwarts isn’t a bad idea! BUT LET’S GO TO THE DEATH STAR AND BLOW UP ALDEERAN.

Two questions in one screenshot, boyos! Lucy asked another interesting question about what Liz would learn or pursue if time nor money was an issue. After Liz’s tasteful (did I use this in the right context? I don’t care. LET’S UP THE WORD COUNT) response, Lucy then proceeded to ask what Liz can’t spend a day without doing.

To the kids that think that being on computer all day is having no life, you guys don’t seem to understand that computer IS LYF.

If you wanna fight the good fight, you better have honesty, loyalty, and kindness! Such qualities are very valuable, especially to people like Queenieliz! Having these three qualities could make the world a better place. Did I just do a speech right there? MORE WORDS TO UP THE WORD COUNT YAYAYAY




It’s Danielle’s first interview too! She decides to have Fluo as her first interviewee. Things should get interesting because of a lot of weeb things incoming (you can already sense it). Well, actually, that’s what’d you expect…

I remember making websites for fun too! To Danielle and whoever saw the cringe masterpiece: Drugs and alcohol give severe damage to your body. It may be addicting although it is very painful and harmful. Stop doing drugs! Also, I was switching between Fortnite and writing this post and in one of the games found a Scar in Dusty Divot but unfortunately the bad guys killed me because I was surrounded.


Looked it up too to see that it’s fictional…just like your face! It appears Fluo wants to drink fictional things so he’d die of starvation under the assumption that he actually consumed things. Unless…this is all part of the plan.


Speaking of winning in Fortnite, I was carrying this one kid (in a game of 20v20v20v20) and we were the only ones left. Since it was near the end, everyone else had tons of valuable loot so I quickly ambushed the enemies for the kid to take them and started scavenging for the rest of the players. I’m not that good but that was one of my best moments!

Fluo, you should start coding a music bot! That would be totally rad! I’m also never saying “totally rad” ever again because that sounds guy. Very guy.



One of these days, I might tell my whole life story in an Interview post.

Time for Mariss’s interview! She decided to interview GHOSTS. Mariss is a confirmed medium. She can speak with the dead. And the dead likes to fight the good fight!

Favorite food! Who doesn’t like chicken and pizza?


How many interviews in total mentioned Fortnite already? If someone looks through the old posts and actually counts they can have 2000 RC. Not even kidding.

In order to not be haunted by ghosts, or GHosSTs, you should fight the good fight!


If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Junie17125, Percy, MissMariss, Lucy0600, Danielle, Ditiboy1016.

-Junie, RNM Interviews Supervisor

Welp, see ya



idk stop asking


  1. Loved those interviews!


  3. I really thought that these interviews were quite marvelous. The wording was fantastic within the interviews themselves and the commenting as well! I thoroughly enjoyed them. (let’s up the word count lol)


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