Troop Interviews – Popsicle, Anme

Troop Interviews

This week marks the sixth official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently are Junie17125, Keemyorg123, AwesomeBob20, and Fuli) asks two or more different individuals questions. These questions that are asked may not be the same throughout each interview as it is wanted for each interview to be original and have its own unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked are to achieve a better understanding of each soldier and how different/similar everyone is to one another. There are many soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, as you may know, so it will be difficult to get to everyone.

Anyway, the two interviewees for the week are Popsicle and Anme. Click on “Continue Reading” to look at each interview.


Because of Halloween or possibly October in general (where candy goes around and comes around like karma, but not really…also, Junie that makes no sense), Junie has injected a high dose of sugar in his blood streams which caused him to be hyperactive in some parts of the interview, rendering him extremely annoying and such. He first starts off straight to the point, asking Popsicle when he joined RPF with extremely terrible grammar. Please help him for he has descended down into daycare where they’re learning virtually nothing. His dinosaur or whatever it is toy won’t help him in life considering he’s older than 10.

Back to the interview, Popsicle said he joined on August 8th, 2016, when the Rebel Penguin Federation was dominating the CPA World Map! Good times, man, good times.

Next up, Junie (referring to himself in the third-person because he’s a choo-choo trainacopter) asked Popsicle if RPF was his first army. We then find out that Popsicle, in fact, has been an undercover Nacho spy his entire life! Let’s…uh…you know, banish him and give Junie leader back! No? FUDGE YOU then.

Junie asked how it feels as a leader even though he obviously knows…what a fricking noob. Popsicle responds saying it feels pretty good, which is pretty good! Am I right or am I left? Obviously not the latter because I’m not a clone, LOLZ!

Junie asked if Popsicle had any tips for members who desire to be a leader. Popsicle said that anyone can start from private and reach all the way up to becoming a leader. He said to always put in an effort, stay active and loyal, and good things will definitely come your way. Fight the good fight.

Oh yeah, and here’s a cool fact Popsicle put after Junie saying he’s too high on sugar (he also passed out by the way).

Here is a short intermission break (even though you obviously can just scroll/look down and look at the next part of the interview)! Junie has gone out to trick-or-treat for a bit!

Little did Popsicle know, that this was also an interview question. Ahahahaha! Fricking noobs, man.

Anyway, the next listed question that Junie asked was what Popsicle’s hobbies were. Popsicle said he likes basketball, American football, and of course the good ol’ chill and Netflix.

Stark Ned (sorry, Sted Nark), the long-haired bearded man in Go, Go, Power Rangers! d-

Does Popsicle want to be consumed by death in Halloween? Find out in the picture below because I don’t have anything cheesy (or possibly clever) to say here. SIKE, I do. I guess you can say that’s why Popsicle has a ghost pic! What a fricking noob. Also, I don’t have anything cheesy because I am high on sugar with a huge number of chocolates everywhere! Haha, gotcha again. Noobs.

Owners (including I) have disproved this so many times, but I’m asking for the audience. Is meeting real or not real? Popsicle’s answer is…

And, well, Popsicle’s last words were a greeting to Junie AFTER being interviewed by Junie. Huh, noobs these days.

huh go down


AwesomeBob20, or in his current alias, BeesomeBob20, has decided to interview Anme for this week! Here, you can see him saying hello to everyone in the RPF!

The first question BeesomeBob20 asked was when Anme first joined the Rebel Penguin Federation. BeesomeBob20 says he joined on April 31st (don’t know why we’re knowing this because it’s not his interview, noob!). Anme answered to Bob’s question, saying he joined at the end of June.

Haha! XD xDxD xD

The second question asked if RPF Anme’s first army. Anme said RPF was the first and only army he has ever joined, while AwesomeBob20 said his first army was the Navy Seals. Unfortunately, the Navy Seals have been shot and are currently dead. Conspiracy theories suggest they’re just simply another part of the RPF Illuminati.

Here comes what may possibly spark an argument or debate! Bob or Bob, whatever Bob’s name is because I don’t know Bob’s name, asked Anme who is his favorite leader–Popsicle or Chip. Anme said it’s Popsicle because of his friendliness while Bob (or whats-his-name) said Chip. Who do you think will win? Find out next time in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z–FUDGE. Wrong show. Not even a show. Look at the picture below! Stop looking here. That’s it, noob. You’re going down. No, literally, go down. Scroll down or move down with your finger or whatever and look at the picture.

Why did Anme join RPF? What even is the RPF? Find out in the picture below.

Is mayonnaise an instrument? Find out on the next time of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I mean, uh, Spongebob.

What’s his favorite animal? FIND OUT BELOW.

Favorite color? FIND OUT BELOW.

Bob asked Anme how it felt to be Troop of the Week. Anme said it felt awesome because he couldn’t believe he got TOTW so fast. He’s happy that he’s in RPF and states he always will be.

The 9th and final question is for all the marbles! If there are any, that is.

Who messed up. Is it The the interviewer, the interviewee, or the p0st-maker.

The interview concluded by a shot.

huh go down

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Fuli, AwesomeBob20, Keemyorg123, or Junie17125.

-Junie, RNM Interview Supervisor



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