Troop Interviews: Racer, Left, & Ddewing

Troop Interviews

This week marks the first official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently are Junie17125, Keemyorg123, AwesomeBob20, and Fuli) asks three or more different individuals questions. These questions that are asked may not be the same throughout each interview as it is wanted for each interview to be original and have its own unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked are to achieve a better understanding of each soldier and how different/similar everyone is to one another. There are many soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, as you may know, so it will be difficult to get to everyone.

Anyway, the three interviewees for the week are Left, Ddewing, and Racer. Click on “Continue Reading” to look at each interview.


As you can tell, Junie17125 (who I truly believe is hyperactive due to an overdose of sugary snacks) is very excited for his interview like he unfortunately and normally always is for every other interview. He constantly says “fired” and such things like so because he thinks he is an authority here–but is he really? Yeah, no one knows.

Then, the hyperactive kid asks in seemingly a loud tone (based on the caps) how Racer was, to which he calmly replied he was well. The kid was a little frustrated that Racer didn’t ask how he was back, to which he idiotically stated the interview is about him (because, of course, he is what’s considered a noob).

On a side note, funnily enough, you can see the time that is taking for each question–Junie17125 is quite the slow interviewer, indeed. Someone oughta fire him. Anyway, back on topic, Junie asked when Racer joined the Rebel Penguin Federation. Racer answered that he believed it was somewhere in mid-March.

Next, Junie asked (with a case of the 2nd-grade spelling because that’s what grade he is in right now) why exactly Racer joined the RPF and what drew him to it. Racer answered stating that it was a way to be a part of the community and to preserve a general fun of CPR.

Junie, being the amnesiac individual that he truly is, asked Racer what the next question should be even though he is clearly an interviewer (and possibly the creator of this post, somehow). Racer didn’t necessarily answer…and all of a sudden, Junie suddenly was able to type accurately (precise grammar & spelling) which seemed very unusual.

Next, Junie asked if there were any suggestions/ideas Racer would like to see implemented within the Rebel Penguin Federation. Also, I would like to note the fact that Junie has dropped down into 1st-grade spelling now, just to let you know. Anyway, Racer stated that because he recently returned, he needs to find out what’s going on with everything before he could list off ideas that could be implemented. He also goes off to say that the RPF staff have been doing a great job keeping things interesting as well as taking suggestions from troops.

Next, Junie went to ask Racer what his favorite color was (again, in 1st-grade spelling form) to which Racer replied was a “toss-up between dark green and yellow.”

Then, Junie asked what Racer’s favorite hobbies at the moment were to which he replied were previously playing the piano (9 years) and other instruments, talking about deep subjects, and solving puzzles. Oh, and debating.

Finally, I asked Racer what his last words were before the interview concluded.


Later in the interview, you may start to develop a conspiracy theory about this so-called “meeting” that the high-command and some other soldiers continually talk about. What is this mysterious location? The world may never know! Anywho, Keemyorg123 started off asking how Left was. Left stated he was well and being the noob that he is, followed up with the same question even though he’s the interviewee. Noobs these days.

Being formal, Keemyorg asked why Left originally joined RPF. Left responded stating the army concept intruiged him, along with the family aspect that comes with the army.

Next, Keemyorg123 asked if Left remembered when he joined the Rebel Penguin Federation. Left answered stating it may have been on April 19th, 2017. Keem followed by stating how quickly Left went up the ranks, along with asking how being commander was for Left. Left responded saying it’ll timetimes getting used to but it’s going very well.

Keem then went on to ask possible hints about plans that would be introduced to the RPF by the high-command soon. Left stated a few things he had implemented and will have implementations upon to truly make RPF an even more functional army, improving things for everyone.

Next, the interviewer asked Left’s hobbies or activities that he normally does on his free time. Left answered stating taking long walks on beaches and questioning his own existence (which we may find ourselves wonder time to time).

Next is the conspiracy part. This magical place known as the “Meeting” is questioned about, which Left responded saying it exists and is accessed by the high-command. Conspiracies are everywhere–just kidding, it’s really nothing and big deals are being made out of it for no reason. Or, is it? Illuminati confirmed.

Ah, and finally…the last question. I truly don’t need to state anything here, as this is the winning prize for the best question asked in the 10 years RPF had existed.


Keeping things somewhat, um, something, Fuli had started out with asking if Ddewing was ready, which he responded to being yes. He also asked in the same screenshot how Ddewing was, to which he responded was fine.

Fuli stated he was going to ask the first question in this screenshot even though it clearly isn’t (why Fuli, why?) which supposedly was when Ddewing joined RPF. Ddewing stated he joined around 4 or so months ago, which apparently is following Fuli everywhere (do I need to mention the fact Fuli has 4 letters in it?).

Fuli then asked if Ddewing was the first army he joined, along with what his favorite catchphrase was. Ddewing stated RPF was his first army and “Fight the good fight” was his favorite catchphrase.

Fuli then asked why Ddewing exactly joined the Rebel Penguin Federation, to which he replied was because of the close community there was.

Finally, Fuli asked what he said was the last question (why again Fuli, why?) which was what Ddewing’s favorite animal was. Ddewing stated it was a frog, err, I mean puffer fish. Following that, Fuli asked if Ddewing had any comments/suggestions which he responded saying “Not really just keep on doing what you are doing”.

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Fuli, AwesomeBob20, Keemyorg123, or Junie17125.

-Junie, RNM Interview Supervisor



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