Tuesday Discussion: Club Penguin Infinity War [SPOILER FREE!]

Hello RPF, and welcome to yet another edition of the Tuesday Discussion! This week the discussion will be in honour of CPO’s newest party: Infinity War! Don’t worry though, because if you have yet to see the epicness that is Infinity War, I can guarantee that this post will be 100% spoiler free! So put on your Infinity Gauntlet, get prepared for Thanos’s onslaught, and let’s dive right into this post!

As I’m sure you all know, Marvel‘s Avengers: Infinity War launched recently and in tribute to this CPO has made its newest party the Superhero Takeover! This party’s arrival brings a large cast of Marvel characters together as it does in the recent movie’s debut, all with the end goal of stopping Thanos from banning half of the CPO population!

Prior to the party’s release, penguins had the ability to purchase either a Club Penguin original hero costume, or one of the classics that appears in Infinity War such as IronMan, SpiderMan, or Thor. As the party progresses, more and more Infinity Stones are revealed as you race against Thanos to collect them all.

This, of course, brought some questions to mind that I thought might intrigue all of you, so without further ado let me introduce you to them…

Which superhero is your all-time favourite and why?

If you could choose one hero to become a mascot, who would it be and why?

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

As always, take some time thinking about your responses, and don’t forget to put your answers in the comments section below!




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  1. iron man
    iron man
    if i had a superpower i would like to fly and be invisble. havnt watched infinity war. but i heard upsetting stuff. cant wait till the avenger 4

  2. 1. Black Canary, The Flash, Green Arrow, and Captain Marvel (Yeah, yeah, the party is for Marvel and I’m only naming one Marvel character and three DC characters, idc.)

    2. Captain America or Scarlet Witch (Even though Scarlet isn’t even part of the party….meh)

    2. Flight or super speed so I could go anywhere I want whenever I want.

  3. 1. I don’t have a favorite.
    2. If I could become a mascot, I would probably want to become Rookie, because I’m already really goofy, so it would kind of fit.
    3. If i had a superpower, it would either be telekinesis or invisability.

  4. Edit: for question 2, I would probably want spiderman to be a mascot.

  5. Doctor Strange, I just find the idea of “magic” and how it is used in the MCU very interesting.
    Probably Thor.

  6. My favorite superhero of all time is definitely Iron Man. The IM movies are my absolute favorite and I think it’s so cool how inventive, creative and funny Tony Stark is.
    If I was able to choose who could be a mascot it would be Iron Man of course since he’s my favorite superhero and because I think he would have a lot of funny lines making him a fun interactive mascot.
    If I could have a super power I would want the power of being able to control elements such as the basics like earth, water, fire, air, lightning, etc because I loved watching Avatar: The Last Airbender growing up and that’s always been super cool to me!

  7. 1. Batman and IronMan

    2. Nick Fury cause he’s Nick Fury

    3.The power to be immortal without feeling the pain because the human life is not enough to repay every debt

  8. 1. Iron Man
    2. Doctor Strange
    3. Invisibility or Teleportation so that I can go wherever and whenever I want to. Lol

  9. 1.Ironman
    2.Spiderman because of his spider sense
    3. Thor
    4. Human Torch because I think of myself being like him

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