Tuxedo Times- 08/12/18 [EDITION #38]

Thank you for reading Tuxedo Times! These posts will be every Sunday, recapping the week and any important updates in RPF.

Events and Important Posts:


Events: Sunday. The day before Monday, luckily it’s summer and RPF is here to cure ya with some events! Today we had an AUSIA U-Lead which was very successful as we maxed 40+ and had some creative tactics and well formed formations from the attendees! For our EU, we didn’t have a event we had a movie night and watched Avengers: Infinity War!

For our AUSIA u-lead results click here

Important posts: New Role called Poll Writer has been released! This role allows you to write fun polls for everyone to vote on! To be a poll writer DM Daniellem  and see if you’re eligible. Promotions are also out so check out who got promoted click here


Events: This Monday we had Operation: Invasion! This event was very successful as we maxed 40+ and had some great tactics and formations! Great job RPF!

For Operation Invasion results click here

Important Posts: 2ic Percy has been promoted to Rebel Commander! Make sure to congratulate him if you see him online! New RNM Role contest is out! Click here for more info!


Events: There was nothing but unscheduled events this day, so all troops had to be on the ready whenever a new event got announced! Alongside unscheduled events there was also the 1st RPF treasure hunt!

The AUSIA event results: here

Important posts: Treasure hunt event results: here  


Events: Today we had an EU event called Operation Ascension. This event was amazing as we recruited many people to RPF. We maxed 40+. Well done RPF!

Click here for the result of Operation Ascension

Important posts: N/A


Events: N/A

Important posts: A new interviews post was released on this day! To find out who got interviewed click here


Events: On Friday, we began the day with a stealthy AUSIA event in Operation: Ninja Kendo! Invisible to the citizens, we went around the island while recruiting potential Rebels! We maxed 35+ Rebels during this event while performing many wonderful tactics and formations. Moving on, we conducted Operation: Strengthen for our EU event, where we maxed 40+ Rebels! The event was fantastic as we displayed numerous formations while executing many brilliant tactics! Good job to those who attended.

Click here to check out the results of Operation: Ninja Kendo and click here to check out Operation: Strengthen!

Important posts: A new troop of the week has been announced! Click here to check out who it is!


Events: We started off our Saturday with our AUSIA event – Operation: Valiant, where we do outstanding tactics and formations to maintain our size, maxing 30+.

Later that day, we have a EU battle between the Air Force and Navy, where both sides did astonishing tactics and made attractive formations, maxing 45+ with Navy winning the battle. Great work Navy and good game to both branches!

Click here for Operation: Valiant and here for the Air Force vs. Navy battle.

Important posts: Biffer has been promoted to Rebel Commander, be sure to congratulate him when you see him online!

Weekly RPF Updates:

  • We now have a #fun-polls channel where people with a special role called @Poll Writer get to write daily fun polls everyday!
  • Percy and Biffer have been promoted to the rank of Rebel Commander due to their display of pure hard work and exemplary efforts! Be sure to congratulate them!
  • There will now be a new role that’s given away each Saturday to one @Lucky winner! To be eligible for the role you must attend the event and enter the giveaway. The first raffle for this exclusive role will be held on Saturday!
  • An Improvement Survey is being conducted currently. Click here to fill the Survey, so that the High Command knows what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. Do add suggestions you may have for the improvement of RPF!
  • The Reps for Rebel cash business has now transferred from Plane to Queenieliz. If you have t!repped Plane in the past and not received the payment for it, you must send Queenieliz a screenshot of how many times you t!repped Plane and how many times he paid you. You can find this out by searching message history in #music-botspam and your dms from Rebel Bot.

Thank you for reading Tuxedo Times! These posts will be every Sunday, recapping the week and any important updates in RPF.

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know?  Walmart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard.

Did you know? Hunting unicorns is legal in Michigan.

Did you know? High heels were originally for men.

Did you know? Vending machines are bigger threats to humanity than sharks.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week:

The first person to answer this following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RPF discord!

How many people have been Troop of the week until now?

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  1. we have 52 toftw until now!

  2. There are 52 people who have been TOTW until today.

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