Tuxedo Times – 2/18/18 [14th Edition]

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Events and Important Posts:


Events: Another Sunday was inaugurated with our Ausia event Operation: Wacky Wear. The troops looked into their wardrobes and decided to add some “creativity” into their outfits. Ausia had 35+ troops, beating the previous mark of 30+ we had before. For Our EU event, Operation: Rebel Parade, we marched around the island and played our instruments as loud as possible. Our numbers were quite high achieving a total of 90+ troops!

Click here for the Operation: Wacky Wear results, and here for the Operation: Rebel Parade results.

Operation: Wacky Wear

Important posts: Promotions were released! Find out who got promoted here.


Events: For our US event, we celebrated CP Rewritten’s first year anniversary by commencing with Operation: Anniversary! We executed beautiful tactics and formations, maxing 60+ troops during this event!

Click here for the Operation: Anniversary results.

Important posts: A new pin has been released! Find out where to get it here.


Events: Break day

Important posts: N/A


Events: For our EU event, everyone dressed up as cupids as we commenced Operation: Cupid, and spread love to the island of CP Rewritten! We maxed 50+ troops during this event.

Click here for the Operation: Cupid results.

Important posts: What’s your opinion on Valentine’s day? Read, and comment your thoughts about it on the most recent discussion post here.


Events: Break day

Important posts: A new Pin is out! Click here to see where it’s located. The RPF leaders have decided to add the Romans to our enemy list on our foreign relations page. Learn why it was needed here. Click here for the weekly troop interviews. The troops being interviewed this week were Raneaosama, Plane17, and Trackling!


Events: Operation: Fleece was an Ausia event where we went around the island dressed up as sheep. We maxed 20+ troops, well done for those who attended! Later that day we had a US event called Operation: Superman. Wearing capes and protecting the island from danger, we maxed 50+ troops.

Click Here for the Operation: Fleece Results, and  Here for the Operation: Superman Results.

Operation: Superman

Important posts: A new TOTW has been chosen this week. Congratulations to Daft. Check out how he achieved TOTW here.


  Events: For the first Ausia event today, Operation: Rebel band, we all grabbed instruments and played them around the island. It was a success, and we managed to max 25+ troops. Our second Ausia event of the day was also Operation: Rebel Band, where we, unfortunately, lost some troops but still achieved 20+ troops. Our EU event today was an exciting Navy vs Airforce. Airforce was dressed in Gamma Girl outfits, Navy in Shadow Guy outfits. Both teams showed a spectacular performance, but in the end, the winner was Navy. Congratulations Navy!

Click here for the first Operation: Rebel Band results, here for the second, and here for the Navy vs Airforce results.

EU Navy vs Airforce

Important posts: Promotions are very soon! Comment here if you haven’t already for a possible chance at a promotion.

Weekly RPF Updates:

Need a quick news briefing on the week in full for RPF? Check out a brief overview of all the updates right here!

There is now a pin tracker on the site, check it out here!

The emoji contest is over! Click here to see which emojis won.

The Romans have been added as enemies on our foreign relations page. See why this was necessary here, and check out the full foreign relations page here.

The Advisor role has been removed, as time has proven it is quite a useless rank.

The Discord server has recently reached 7000 members, along with over 1,000 subscribers on the RPF Youtube channel!

Left has rejoined RPF as a Second in Command!

Don’t forget that promotions will also be out later today, and keep a sharp eye open for Rory on CPR!

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did You Know: Snails can sleep for over 3 years

Did You Know: Octopuses have three hearts

Did You Know: 1 year on Uranus is approximately 84 years on Earth

Did You Know: The average cumulus cloud can weigh over 1 million pounds

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week:

The first person to answer the following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RPF discord!  

How many RPF members did we get on our discord server this week?

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  1. 7,000+ members!

  2. 7,000 members

  3. oooooh, I love reading tuxedo times

  4. 7000 members and 8 bots

  5. 7k humans ….
    good job keemy

  6. Hey!
    I loveee tuxedo times so far! I just have one smol suggestion. :3
    I think that you should add a quote of the week! Maybe it could be something related to the good fight, or anything relating to this army!
    Its not my best idea but I wanted to share it : )
    Thank you for reading!
    I would love it if you could replay with your opion.
    Good work so far

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