Tuxedo Times – 2/25/18 [15th Edition]

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Events and Important Posts:


Events: It’s Sunday again! Like always our Ausia event greets this day with joy, and vigor with Operation: Squidzoid. Our troops took on the role of the mighty monster squidzoid and roamed around the island, doing tactics and (probably) scaring a few civilians. The AUSIA troops managed to get quite good numbers with 30+ troops. Next up, our EU event also had the same goal: dress as squidzoid and cause a terrifying impression of this colossal monster! Our EU numbers were as big as squidzoid himself! We managed 70+ troops on the EU operation, good job to all who attended!

Click here for the AUSIA Operation: Squidzoid results, and here for the EU Operation: Squidzoid results.

Operation: Squidzoid

Important posts: Only a few troops managed to get a promo, find out who the lucky ones were here. Even though our EU event went well, a minor setback took place regarding Club Penguin Rewritten. One of our Rebel Commanders, Chip, gave his opinion about the incident. Read all about it here.


Events: This week’s first US event was Operation: Aqua. The troops got dressed in mermaid suits and went to aquatic areas to swim around the island. To finish off the event we changed into our RPF uniforms. We maxed over 40 troops.

Click here for the Operation: Aqua results.

Important posts: N/A


Events: Break day

Important posts: The RNM team has released a new contest! The contest for this week is another art contest. To participate in this contest, you need to submit a drawing of an RPF troop. The winner will get their drawing added to the RPF youtube banner. Click here to find out the rules, and how to submit your drawing.


Events: Operation: Lobster was an EU event. We dressed up as Lobsters and embraced the spirit of lobsters, talked like lobsters, and ate lobster! Actually, scratch that last one. We maxed 50+ troops.

Click Here for the Operation: Lobster Results

Important posts: Check out the weekly discussion post. Click here to read more about it. Learn about how CPR might of almost shut down here. The next CPR party is soon, here is a guide on what to expect!


Events: Break day

Important posts: The weekly troop interview was released today! Check it out here. The interviewees this week were Wxbp and Jurij1234. New gear has been added to the sports catalog! Check out the hidden items in the catalog here.


Events: Ausia started friday off with Operation: Break Past the Limit, where troops went around the island practicing standard tactics and formations. We managed to max 25+ troops. Good job to those who attended! Later that day we had the US Operation: Break Past the Limit, where we once again performed a lot of tactics in quick succession. We managed max 60+ troops! Later in the day we all took some time to relax with The Good Fight: Podcast as Twitchy brought along a special guest, Moo.

Click here for the AUSIA event results. Click here for Operation: Break Past the Limit results.

Operation: Break Past the Limit

Important posts: A new TOTW has been chosen for this week. Congratulations to Peaky! See how he achieved TOTW here.


  Events: Today, we first had 2 rounds of Ausia training events, with smooth and easy-going tactics. We maxed 45. Later, we had an Air Force vs Navy EU event. Both branches fought with outstanding formations and tactics. We maxed 65+ troops during this event.

Click here to see who won, Airforce or Navy!

Navy vs Airforce

Important posts: Disney takes CPR’s old domain and redirects it to Club Penguin Island. Read about it here. Our RNM team has released a new post. In this post, we discuss what makes a good RPF event, and which ones we like best! Read all about it here! Promotions are soon! Comment here for a chance of getting one!

Weekly RPF Updates:

Need a quick news briefing on the week in full for RPF? Check out a brief overview of all the updates right here!

The Navy and Airforce channels are now privatized until Airforce vs Navy events. This is to prevent confusion from new troops, and to prevent misuse of the channels.

The uniforms for both Airforce and Navy have been updated. Check them out here

Due to personal reasons, Tom has retired from Rebel Commander.

Don’t forget that promotions will also be out later today!

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? There is no sound in space.

Did you know? Olympic Gold Medals only contains 1.34% of gold.

Did you know? One pint of donated blood can save up to 3 lives.

Did you know? The stickers on fruits are edible and FDA-approved.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week:

The first person to answer the following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RPF discord!  

Who were the troops that were interviewed this week?

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