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Events and Important Posts:


Events: For our first events, we had 2 Stamp Frenzy Ausias. This was a fun event where the leaders and troops got new stamps around the island together. We maxed 25+ troops for our first Ausia and the same for the 2nd Ausia event. Secondly, we had a Navy vs Air Force EU event. However, instead of our regular battle around the island, we played Card Jitsu!

Click here for the results of round one of the Ausia, and here for round two. (Please note that this was our last double AUSIA event for Sundays). Click here for the Navy vs Air Force Results.

Ausia Stamp Frenzy

Important posts: Click here for this week’s promotions, and here to see the winner of the event design contest.


Events: For our US event, we had Operation: Rescue Squad, where RPF dressed up as medics and went around the map looking for our leaders and owners, who mysteriously went missing. All of the owners were saved and we managed to max 40+ troops!

Click here to see the results of Operation: Rescue Squad.

Important posts: A new contest was created where you can send in new emojis to be added to our discord. Check it out here.


Events: For the EU Event, we had Operation: Yin Yang. The event was a custom event which was created by Lavahound. The Navy dressed up in black, while the Air Force dressed up in white. Lavahound got to lead some of the tactics since he invented this event. We were able to max 45+ troops during this event!

Click here for Operation: Yin Yang results.

Important posts: What is your favorite CPR minigame? Discuss it here. Another edition of the CPR newspaper came out. Read about it here.


Events: For Wednesday’s US event, we had Operation: Excavate. During this event, we mined around the island and earned some coins in the cave mine. We managed to max a fair amount of 45+ troops.

Click here for Operation: Excavate results.

Important posts: Click here to see the hidden items in CPR’s new clothing catalog of Feb’ 18, here for the new pin location, here to check out our new Rory mascot tracker, and here to learn about a limited time stamp opportunity in CPR.


Events: Break Day

Important posts: Click here for the weekly troop interviews. The troops being interviewed this week were Arnor and Rebel Pack Guy.


Events: For our US event, Operation: Rory, we all dressed up as the new mascot Rory while exploring the new party and going through the maze. We managed to max an impressive amount of 60+ troops today!

Click here for Operation: Rory results.

Operation: Rory

Important posts: The new TOTW was announced! Congratulations to LavaHound. Learn more about it here.


Events: For our 1st round of AUSIA, everyone dressed up as painters, and we painted the whole town. We maxed 30+ troops. For our 2nd round of AUSIA, everyone wore cameras, and we took pictures of the CPR Island. We maxed 35+ troops during this event. For our EU event, everyone dressed up as undercover civilians, and we surprised everyone when we changed to our RPF Uniform! We maxed a whopping 90+ troops during this event!

Click here for Operation: Prestigious Painters results, here for Operation: Delirious Paparazzi results, and finally here for Operation: Undercover results.

Operation: Undercover

Important posts: Promotions will be out very soon, so you if you want a better chance at getting one, be sure to comment! Click here to see the “Comment for Promotion” post.

Weekly RPF Updates:

Be sure to check out the post about new discord emotes for the server, as the most popular emotes will permanently be added to the server! Check it out here

The RPF site has been updated. You can now change your profile picture, direct message people, and some other new features! Read about it here.

Don’t forget that promotions will also be out later today, and keep a sharp eye open for Rory on CPR!

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did You Know: A cricket’s ears are on its front legs.

Did You Know: There are more fake flamingos in the world than real flamingos.

Did You Know: France was still executing people with a guillotine when the first Star Wars film came out.

Did You Know: “umop apisdn” is “upside down” spelled upside down with different letters of the alphabet.

Video of the Week

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