Tuxedo Times – 3/18/18 [18th Edition]

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Events and Important Posts:


Events: Another Sunday was started along with our Ausia troops as they played against one another in a trivia contest, only one can guess what kind of questions were asked that day, let’s hope that the smartest victor won eh? Our EU event introduced us to a new home, and that’s exactly what the event was for. Operation: New Home introduced us to our new home Club Penguin Universe where we introduced the CPU community to RPF, all the while exploring our new home. EU managed to get 40+ troops, good job to those who attended!

Click here for the results of the EU Operation: New Home.

Important posts: Promotions were released. Click here to find out who got promoted!


Events: For Monday, we started with the first Ausia event on Club Penguin Universe, with a good synergy between tactics and formations, maxing 20 troops. We also had an US event where our objective was to secure the server of Sleet from any enemies, and to ensure the good fight was fought. Everyone did amazing tactics and formations! We maxed 40+ troops during this event!

Click here for the Ausia training results, and here for the Operation: Secure Sleet results.

Operation: Secure Sleet

Important posts: A new RPF Contest is out! Check out the post here to find out more!


Events: N/A

Important posts: A new Discussion post is out! What’s your favorite game of all time? Answer in the comments here!


Events: Splish, splosh! Those were the sounds that started our EU event Operation: Deep Sea, after hours of delay. The troops finally managed to show off their new deep sea suits to everyone in CPU! Lots of tactics were done that day and everyone had fun! (Too bad there weren’t any good places to test out the suits.) EU managed to get a total of 30+ troops, good job to those who attended!

Click here for the Operation: Deep Sea results.

Important posts: A new discussion topic was started by one of our current Lieutenant Generals, Danielle! Find out what the topic was about here.


Events: N/A

Important posts: Interviews were out again for the week! This week MusicMingo, Yugi, and NiallPlays were all interviewed! Check the interviews out here.


Events: Two events were held this day. The first event was Operation: Acoustic Accordions. This was an AUSIA event in which we maxed 20. Our next event was Operation: M.O.A.B. In this event, we maxed over 35 soldiers. Nicely done, RPF!

Click here for the Operation: Acoustic Accordions results.

Click here for the Operation: M.O.A.B results.

Operation: M.O.A.B

Important posts: A long-awaited Philosophical Friday post is out. Click here, and comment with your own response. The new TOTW has been announced. Click here to visit the post and see who earned TOTW.


Events: Due to Club Penguin Universe being down for maintenance, we sadly had no AUSIA event. To make up for it Nightmare hosted a trivia event, which was a great success. Results for the trivia can be found here. Later on, during our EU event time, CPU was still down, so we decided to have a great couple games of Kahoot!

Important posts: No announcements today other than wishing our own 2ic DJCrystal a very happy birthday! Happy Birthday DJ from the RPF!

Weekly RPF Updates:

Need a quick news briefing on the week in full for RPF? Check out a brief overview of all the updates right here!

Chip has retired from RPF due to personal reasons.

As always, promotions will be out later today.

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? The Empire State Building has 73 elevators.

Did you know? 37% of British people believe that their jobs are meaningless and that they do not contribute to the world.

Did you know? Sweden has a ski-through Mcdonalds.

Did you know? 1 in 3 babies can use a tablet before they can speak.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week:

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What was this week’s topic for Philosophy Friday?

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  1. Philosophy Friday was about holidays

  2. why do you think countries celebrate foreign holidays, was our topic for philosophical Friday

  3. Why do you think countries celebrate foreign holidays, such as Hanukkah or Kwanzaa?

  4. The topic was on Club Penguin Universe. The events we did there, etc.

  5. This week’s philosophical Friday was why do some countries celebrate foreign holidays

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