Tuxedo Times – 3/4/18 [16th Edition]

Thanks for reading Tuxedo Times! These posts will be every Sunday, recapping the week and any important updates in RPF.

Events and Important Posts:


Events: Starting off we had an AUSIA event by the name of Operation: M.O.A.B. (ah COD references, love the good ones) The troops did bombs around the island and had a blast! (see what I did there?) AUSIA managed to get +30 troops in their event. Later that day, we had an EU Event, titled Operation: Stamp Hunt. We went around the island collecting as many stamps as we could! Needless to say, we had tons of fun! Snow, fights, lots of noise in the lighthouse and even ninjas! Quite a shame I couldn’t spot one. EU achieved a big league number of +80 troops! Good job to everyone who attended these events!

Click here for the AUSIA Operation: M.O.A.B results and here for the EU Operation: Stamp Hunt Results.

Operation: Stamp Hunt

Important posts: Promotions are here! Find out who got promoted here.


Events: On Monday, we had our US U-Lead event. In this event all the troops who attended had a chance to lead a tactic; all the troops did well, bringing some tactics back to use such as fireworks and even a few bombs were seen during that day, US managed to get +35 troops, Good job to everyone who attended!

Click here for the US U-Lead results.

Important posts: CPR has announced that on May 4th it will shut down. Read about it here.


Events: Break day

Important posts: A new discussion post is out! What do you think RPF could approve on? Write your answers in the comments here.


Events: We had our weekly EU event as the RPF dressed as sheep and ran around the island, making everyone fall asleep as the hordes of sheep went by. (seriously I fell asleep writing this because of the amount of sheep.) EU managed to make a decent number of +50 troops. Not too bad! Good job to everyone who attended!

Click here for Operation: Counting Sheep results (be sure to not fall asleep!)

Important posts: A new discussion was made on this day, as Danielle asked everyone about which puffle was their favorite. Want to see what people thought? Click here to see everyone’s opinions.


Events: For our US event, in Operation: Scallywag we dressed up as pirates. We went around the island doing the usual, but with exclusive pirate phrases for our word tactics. We attained a fair amount of 30+ Rebels. Nicely done, pirates!

Check out the results of Operation: Scallywag here.

Important posts: Troop interviews are out! These week’s interviewees are DaftBasilisk641 and AngelixAisha! Click here to check out the fun and hilarious interviews! Also, the results for the most recent contest are finally out! If you’d like to check out the results, click here.


Events: Today we had an Ausia event named Operation: Undercover. We dressed up in our normal clothing and changed back into our uniforms later during the event to surprise the community.  We maxed 30+ troops. Later that day, we had an EU event called Operation: Tip The Iceberg. The RPF and some penguins in the community teamed up to tip the iceberg. The event was a success and we were all awarded with shiny new beta hats. We maxed 45+ troops. Well done for those who attended.

Click here for the Operation: Undercover results and here for the Operation: Tip The Iceberg results.

Operation: Undercover

Important posts: A new TOTW has been chosen this week. Congratulations to Werny. Want to know how we earned this title? Click here.


  Events: AUSIA had 2 rounds of events today. The 1st round consisted of troops attempting to tip the berg as fast as they could. A very lit party awaited those who managed to tip it at Operation: Tipping the Berg! During this 1st round of AUSIA, we managed to get 30+ troops. The 2nd Round began a few hours later with Operation: Stereo! Everyone grabbed their boomboxes and performed some sick moves around the island! This 2nd round of AUSIA managed +35 troops. Later we had our EU event Operation: Tomb Raider, (Note: Do not attempt to actually raid tombs) where we dressed as mummies as a send-off to CPR. We spooked citizens around the island and made a few too many mummy puns at the same time. EU managed to make a good number of 45+ troops. Good work to those who attended!

Click here for the 1st round of AUSIA, the Operation: Tipping the Berg results, here for the 2nd round of AUSIA, the Operation: Stereo results, and here for EU event Operation: Tomb Raider.

Operation: Stereo

Important posts: EU event was severely interrupted by the abuse of the soon to be discontinued CPR Staff team. Rebel Commander Chip thought enough was enough and decided to expose them for what they truly are. Read all about it here.

Weekly RPF Updates:

Need a quick news briefing on the week in full for RPF? Check out a brief overview of all the updates right here!

The uniform was updated with a new head item! Check it out here.

Left was promoted back to the rank of Rebel Commander!

Rebel Bot is back! If you still don’t have your rebel cash, direct message a leader with proof of your previous amount of cash via chat logs; they will be happy to help.

Time to purchase the custom Cupid role. It was returned and the availability has been extended to the 8th, after which it will be unobtainable until next year. Check out all the custom roles by typing .shop in #Music-botspam. To purchase the Cupid role, type .buy 8

Very important: If you wish to keep your current rank, be sure that you comment on the march active count here.

As you all know, CPR’s closure will be later today. Many have been wondering where RPF will move after. There are countless options, but the ownership will decide, and the community will live on. Remember: Rebellion never dies.

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? Drinking one can of soda a day increases your chances of getting type 2 diabetes by 22%.

Did you know? In Germany, from 1989 to 2009, over 2,000 schools were closed due to a scarcity of children to teach.

Did you know? Smoking near Apple devices voids the warranty.

Did you know? The average movie theater popcorn in the US costs more per ounce than Filet Mignon.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week:

The first person to answer the following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RPF discord!  

Who were the 3 winners of the RPF art contest?

Have any suggestions for Team Tuxedo? Don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments below!

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