Tuxedo Times- 4/15/18 [Edition #22]

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Events and Important Posts:


Events: We started the morning with our daily AUSIA event, instead of the usual 30-minute event, the AUSIA troops wanted to show their full potential and instead decided to do a 1-hour event. Many tactics were done and the AUSIA troops showed display of their tremendous power. AUSIA managed to get a total of 30+ troops. Later in the day, we had an important EU event where we marched on Blizzard and did tons of tactics and different formations. Many RPF logged on that day and we showed the island how strong RPF still is! EU managed to get a total of 50+ troops, good job to those who attended!

Click here for AUSIA Operation: Full Fury results and here for EU event The March On Blizzard!

Important posts: Promotions are here! Find out who got promoted here


Events: It’s Monday and another US event is here! This time we had Operation: Mobilize. We went around the island recruiting, had a short U-lead and maxed a good 35+ troops! Great job RPF!

If you would like to see more about Operation: Mobilize click here.

Important posts: N/A


Events: During Tuesday we had a game night on skribbl.io

Important posts: This week’s discussion post is out. This weeks post is a little different than the others. Check it out here. 


Events: Today we had an EU event called Operation: Rebel Rescue. We dressed up in our rescue uniforms and paraded around the island with some amazing tactics. We maxed 30+ troops. Well done for those who attended!

Click here for the Operation: Rebel Rescue results

Important posts: We had another discussion post from Danielle. Featured this week Cpps parties. Click here to view the post and comment on your opinion.


Events: N/A 

Important posts: Another exciting troop interview was posted today with Chachkis and Mew being the ones interviewed! Check them out here.  


Events: For our Ausia event on Friday we held Operation: Fruity Friday where we maxed 25+ troops. For our US event we held Operation: Daybreak where we maxed 45+ troops. Our tactics and formations for both events were excellent.

Click here for Operation: Fruity-Friday results, and here for Operation: Daybreak results.

Important posts: A new troop of the week is here! Make sure to congratulate Lucy next time you see her online! Check out how she earned totw hereAnother Philosophical Friday post is out! Check out this week’s topic here.


Events: It’s the weekend and what’s the best way to kick off the weekend? RPF events of course! Today we had 3 events. 2 Ausia rounds and 1 EU. Ausia round 1 was Operation: Rebel Reporters. This event we went around island snapping some pictures of great tactics and formations while maxing 20+! Ausia round 2 was Operation: Squidzoid Takeover. For this event, we dressed up as the villain Squidzoid while doing mischievous tactics and formations all while maxing 25+! To end this Saturday with a cosmic bang, we had Operation: RPF Universe. This event was out of this world! We had some stellar tactics and formations and we maxed 40+!  

Click here for results of Operation: Rebel Reporter, here for the results of Operation: Squidzoid, and here for the Operation: RPF Universe results.

Important posts: We had two important posts today! The first post being the results of our Easter Igloo contest. Make sure to congratulate QueenieLiz on her win! The second post was our weekly Saturday discussion by Liz! This week’s subject was about Club Penguin clothing items. If you would like to know more about the contest and the overall placings click here. Click here if you would like to join the discussion about CP clothing.

Weekly RPF Updates:

Promotions will be out later today after the EU event.

 Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? The least common PIN number is 8086.

Did you know? There are only 5 countries in the entire world with no debt.

Did you know? Finland became the first country in the world to make internet access a legal right.

Did you know? Cuttlefish have 3 hearts.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week: 

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