Tuxedo Times- 4/8/18 [Edition #21]

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Events and Important Posts:


Events: It’s Sunday once again, so that means another Sunday AUSIA event, this time with Operation: Multicolored Madness! We took as many rainbow-colored items as possible and added them to our uniform to create a clash of colors. No tubas interfered with the event and everyone had fun in the end. AUSIA managed to make a number of 40+ troops. Good Job to those who attended!

(No EU due to Easter)

Click here for the results of AUSIA event, Operation: Multicolored Madness.

Important posts: Demotions are here! Find out who got demoted here


Events: It’s Monday once again, which means a US event! Today we had Operation: Stamp Hysteria! We went around the island gathering many stamps while maxing 50+ troops!

To see more about Operation Stamp Hysteria, click here.

Important posts: We have a new RNM contest! This contest is for the best Easter igloo! For more info about the rules, click here.


Events: For Tuesday’s EU event we logged on for a Blizzard parade. We marched around the island and enjoyed the April fools party rooms. 50+ troops attended our parade.

Check out the results for the Parade of Blizzard here.        


Important posts: N/A   


Events: During Wednesday, the first event we held was an unscheduled Tuba battle. Troops did well, with solid tactics and formations. Great job to those who attended. The battle maxed 30+ troops. Later on, we held a US event titled Operation: Rebel Rookie, where troops wore propeller caps, zipping around the island. The US event maxed 50+ troops.

Check out the results of the unscheduled battle hereClick here for the results of the US event.

Important posts: What’s your favorite room in Club Penguin? Why? Check out what others said, and share your opinion on the latest discussion post hereA statement has been released on out current opinion of the state of Club Penguin Rewritten. If you haven’t already, and wish to read the post, check it out here.


Events: N/A

Important posts: Today our weekly interviews came out. The troops interviewed this week were Robert and Maid! Check out the post here.


Events: For our AUSIA event on Friday we had a battle with the Tubas, where we maxed 30+ troops. For our US event, we held Operation: Nightfall where we maxed 50+ troops. Our tactics and formations for both events were outstanding.

For the results of the AUSIA battle, click hereFor the results of Operation: Nightfall, click here.

Important posts: There’s a new troop of the week! Make sure to congratulate SilverCat when you see her online! Check out the post herePhilosophical Friday was posted! Comment your thoughts on this week’s topic here.


Events: Today we had 3 events. We started our day with 2 Ausia rounds. The first Ausia round was called Operation: Rescue Squad. We roamed around the island helping the penguins of CPU. We maxed 25+ troops. The second round of Ausia was called Operation: Captain of the Sea. We marched around the island protecting the good sea. We maxed 30+ troops. Later on, we had an EU event called Operation: Undercover. We dressed up as boxes and recruited many people into RPF! We maxed 50+ troops. Well done to all those who attended!

Click here for the results of Operation: Rescue Squad.Click here for the results of Operation: Captain of the Sea. Click here for the results of Operation: Undercover

Important posts: Your Saturday Discussion post has arrived! Be sure to share your thoughts about CPR reopening here.

Weekly RPF Updates:

Rebel Commander Left has posted a statement regarding the reopening of Club Penguin Rewritten, and RPF’s take on it. Read all about it here

And promotions will be released later today after the EU Event.

 Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? There are over 30 places in the world with the name of “Paris”.

Did you know? St. Patricks day was originally associated with the color blue, not green.

Did you know? In Iceland, you can hand-draw a map on a piece of mail without an address, and it will still make it to its destination.

Did you know? North Korea’s diplomatic mission to the United Nations owes New York City more than $156,000 USD in parking tickets.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week: 

The first person to answer the following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RPF discord!

What is the name of the troop that was awarded TOTW on Friday?

Have any suggestions for Team Tuxedo? Don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments below!

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