Tuxedo Times – 5/20/18 [Edition #27]

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Events and Important Posts:


Events: We started the day off with an amazing AUSIA event in Operation: Dragonforce, where we dressed up as dragons and showed off our fierce force to the island, and presented a skillful display of our tactics and formations! We maxed 30+ troops during this event. We then conducted a Navy vs Air Force battle in our EU event, where we maxed 35+ troops. The event was spectacular as both sides dished out their very best; however only one side could win, you can find out the winner by clicking on the post below…

Click here to check out Operation: Dragonforce, and click here to check out who won in our Navy vs Air Force battle!

Important posts: Promotions are here! Find out who got promoted here


Events: On Monday we held an igloo raid event where we got to check out each others cool igloos and even earn some stamps along the way! It was a great event and we maxed 35+. Well done to all RPF who attended.
Be sure to check out the post here

Important posts: N/A


Events: On Tuesday we had two unscheduled AUSIA events! Our first one maxing 15 troops,  and our second event maxing 20 troops!

The results for the first AUSIA event are here, and here for the second event.

Important posts: Another Discussions post is out and this week its on Medieval stories! Check it out here.


Events: Today we had an EU event called Operation: Royalty. We wore royal costumes, recruiting many people into RPF. We maxed: 30+ troops.

Click here for the result of Operation: Royalty

Important posts: Another discussion post is out. Click here to comment down on your opinion


Events: N/A

Important posts: Another troop interview post came out today, and the troops lucky enough to be interviewed this week were Bschar and Snowy! Check it out here.

An interesting post on Spy Animals was made today. Read all about it here.


Events: Good morning everyone! Today we started our day with the AUSIA event Operation: Rebel Wizards. The event was filled with tons of magic, and it was also a way for the RPF to get hyped about the next party. Perhaps the Medieval Party will be next, and if it doesn’t happen our wizards will make sure of it. AUSIA managed to get a total of 20+ RPF. Later that day we had our US event, Operation: Cyclone. This event consisted of getting tons of recruits, which we did! Tons of new people joined RPF on this very day. As well as attending their 1st event, the new recruits showed huge enthusiasm as they did tactics flawlessly. Of course everyone did good as well, showing astonishing tactics and formations, as well as supporting the good fight every day. US managed to get a total of 40+ RPF. Good job to those who attended!

Click here for the results of Operation: Rebel Wizards, and here for the results of Operation Cyclone.

Important posts: A new TOTW was chosen! Find out who got it and how they did achieved it


Events: We started this Saturday off with our usual two AUSIA events. This week’s first AUSIA event was Operation: Rebel Parade. This event went very well as we maxed 35+ while doing some amazing tactics and formations. Due to a delay through Discord AUSIA round 2 started late. Operation: Stamp Frenzy was amazing and we maxed 25+ and did some fantastic tactics and formations. Lster on in the day we had our EU event Operation: Rebel Storm. This event was shockingly amazing and we thundered the island with high maxed of 50+ and our lightning fast tactics and formations.

Results for Operation Rebel Parade can be found here

 Click here to read more on Operation Stamp Frenzy

Results for Operation Rebel Storm can be found here

Important posts: A new Discussion is here! This week’s topic is about Royal Weddings! If you would like to leave your opinion on Royal Weddings click here

Weekly RPF Updates:

There is now a new system for how Igloo raid events will be completed. See here: “Everyone will need to message a certain person (whoever is deemed the host, it will be announced an hour before the event) their CPO username in a direct message. You will then be put on a list that will be randomized after each igloo. If you are too late to sign up, which is when the event starts, then it’s tough luck and you’ll have to wait until the next igloo raid event” – Left

AUSIA events have been moved back to their original times, see here:

Round 1 (Saturday only):
3:30 pm IST – 9 pm AEST – 6 pm AWST – 8:30 pm ACST – 6 am EST – 11 am BST
Round 2:
6:30 pm IST – 12 am AEST – 9 pm AWST – 11:30 pm ACST – 9 am EST – 2 pm BST

Rebel Bot is now run on a private VPS due to a donation from Plane, so there should be no downtime other than maintenance and upto 30 minutes on Sunday to backup the database.

Promotions will be after today’s EU event as per usual!

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? Sand from the Sahara is blown all the way to the Amazon, fertilizing the rainforest.

Did you know? Germany was the first country ever to implement Daylight Savings Time, in order to save energy during WW1.

Did you know? England is smaller than New York State

Did you know? Right handed people tend to chew food on the right side of their mouth, left handed people on the left side of their mouth.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week:

The first person to answer the following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RPF discord!

Who was interviewed this week?

Have any suggestions for Team Tuxedo? Don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments below!

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  2. bscahr and snowy were interviewed

  3. bschar and snowy were interviewed (sorry Made a typo in the first comment)

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  5. That will be all. ヽ( ‘ω’ )ノ

  6. Well of course Germany invented Daylight Savings cause it is by far the most relevant european country (?

    Also, im right handed but i always prefer chewing food on my left side of the face. Just so you know.

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