Tuxedo Times – 5/27/18 [Edition #28]

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Events and Important Posts:


Events: Greetings RPF, another sunday was started with sunday’s AUSIA event, Operation: M.O.A.B lots of formations and maybe? The sight of bombs were seen on that very day, lets hope no collateral damage was done otherwise that property damage bill is gonna be very high… AUSIA managed to get a total of 35+ RPF

Later that day we helped everyone gather some stamps in yet another Stamp Mania event, this time in the EU timezone, stamps like the hockey jersey, snowball fight and even smiley room were acquired. Fun Fact: CPO is the only cpps to have a working Smiley room stamp. EU managed to get a total of 45+ RPF Good job to those who attended!

Click here to check AUSIA event, Operation: M.O.A.B results and here for EU Operation: Stamp Mania.

Important posts: Promotions are here! To find out who got promoted click here


Events: We started our day with “Operation:Baa”, we wore the sheep costume, and did swift tactics and brilliant formations. We also tipped the iceberg. We maxed 30+ troops.

Important posts: N/A


Events: On Tuesday we had two unscheduled events! We had a US event and an AUSIA. They were both U-leads and we maxed 20 troops for both!

Find the results for the Unscheduled Ausia here, and the US here.

Important posts: N/A


Events: Today we had an EU event called Operation Tiki. We wore tiki outfit and shined brightly across the island. We maxed 40+

Click here for the result of Operation Tiki

Important posts: Popsicle one year anniversary on reaching rebel commando. Click here to find out more
Another Discussion post is out about music, click here to comment down your opinion      


Events: N/A

Important posts: Another Troop Interviews is out with brand new troops being interviewed! The troops interviews this week were Klein, Juancho. and Mr Ribcage check it out here


Events: Today, we brought out the warrior within ourselves in Operation: Warriors of the Rebellion for our AUSIA event, where we maxed 20+ troops. The event was absolutely spectacular as we presented our warrior characteristics through many astounding tactics and formations! Further on, we conducted Operation: Valor for our US event, where we maxed 15+ troops. The event was amazing as we performed many brilliantly executed tactics and formations along with recruiting many troops!

Click here to check out the results of Operation: Warriors of the Rebellion and click here for the results of Operation: Valor!

Important posts: A new TOTW was chosen! Be sure to check out who got it and how they achieved this position here.


Events: Good morning RPF! We started things off with the 1st round of AUSIA where everyone dusted off their pizza aprons and chef hats to make the most delicious pizzas everyone has ever seen, thanks to the medieval party ingredients that is. In their 1st round AUSIA managed to get 20+ RPF. Later on the 2nd started and included lots of leading from every single RPF troop that was present at that time, some troops came up with very interesting tactics to say the least and everyone had fun showcasing their knowledge about tactics and formations good job! The 2nd round of AUSIA managed to get a total of 25+ RPF!

Later that day we had our EU event Operation: Rebel Band lots of instruments were played that day, some better than others, lots of ears were probably bleeding as well but the point is, we all had fun right? (no fun for those sporting the tuba colors tho) EU managed to get a total of 45+ Good job to those who attended!

Click here for the 1st round of AUSIA results, here for the 2nd Round and over here for the EU event Operation: Rebel Band results.

Important posts: Investigator junie stumbled into yet another fascinating discovery as a certain musician was proven to be a mythical monster! To find out more about it click here

Weekly RPF Updates:

Robot has rejoined RPF as a 3ic!

Promotions will be out after the EU event today!

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? There are over 2 million saunas in Finland, with a population of only around 5 million.

Did you know? The chocolate bar “KitKat” is made by nestlé everywhere in the world other than in the U.S, where it is made by Hershey.

Did you know? Please remember that even though the other arne

Did you know? Canada is actually the world’s second largest country by land area.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week:

The first person to answer the following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RPF discord!

Which Third In Command rejoined today?

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  1. Robot rejoined today!

  2. Robot XO

  3. Here’s a suggestion: Did you know that the US is the third largest country by area?

  4. Answer to the Question is RobotXO

  5. Kaju0001 [frostbite]


  6. Welcome back Robot 🎉

  7. Let me back in the chat Toy

  8. i attended

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