Tuxedo Times – 6/10/18 [Edition #30]

Thank you for reading Tuxedo Times! These posts will be every Sunday, recapping the week and any important updates in RPF.

Events and Important Posts:


Events: This Sunday we had our usual AUSIA event, which was Operation: Knightwatch. This event was based on using the knight costumes for the Medieval party. This event was an event created by our Ausia mods; Cosmo, Wxbp, CPGames2010, and Lucy. The event went extremely well as we had some fantastic tactics and formations all while maxing 40+ troops!  Later that day, we held our EU event, a Navy Vs Air Force battle. This battle/event was legendary and the winners deserved their victory. We also had some monumental tactics and formations. Great job today RPF!

For the Operation: Knightswatch results click here.

To find the winners and check the result of the Navy Vs Air Force battle click here.

Important posts: Promotions are here! To find out who got a promotion click here!


Events: On Monday we had an AUSIA event and a US event. The Ausia event, Operation: M.O.A.B, took place in Alaska. In this event, we performed extremely perfect bombs and other movement tactics. We also did amazing formations and recruited throughout the island.

Our US event, Operation: HIVE, took place in Alaska. This was a very fun event, all troops who attended were dressed as bees, they did epic tactics and formations, we also did some big league puns and recruited throughout the island. Great job on both the events, Rebels!

Click here to see the results of Monday’s AUSIA, and click here to see the results of Monday’s US event.Important posts: N/A


Events: Our First event on Tuesday was an Unscheduled Ausia! Nothing special about this event. We wore our regular RPF uniforms and did great tactics as usual, while maxing 30+ troops.

The second unscheduled event today was an EU event! We did tactics, formations, and did some recruiting! 25+ troops attended this unscheduled event.

Check out our unscheduled Ausia here, and the EU here.

Important posts: N/A


Events: Today we had an EU event called Operation: Rebel Storm. This was a very fun and exciting event as we recruited lots of new troops to RPF. We performed amazing tactics and formations. We maxed 30+, Well done RPF.

Click here for the result of Operation Rebel Storm.

Important posts: Another discussion post is out. This week is about the Medieval Party, click here to comment down your opinion     


Events: Today we didn’t have an event, but instead, we had a movie night where we all came together and watched Rouge 1.

Important posts: Another weekly Troop Interviews post was released today! This week the ones being interviewed were Zeavro and Litt7. The interviews can be found and read here.


Events: We first conducted our AUSIA event in Operation: Rebel Rise, in which we maxed a whopping 30+ troops! We performed many wonderfully executed tactics and formations, as well as achieve our objective of recruiting many more troops! Later on, we conducted Operation: Heatwave, in which we maxed 25+ troops. The event was ecstatic as we performed many beautifully presented tactics and formations! Good job to those who attended the events!

Click here to check out Operation: Rebel Rise and click here to view the results of Operation: Heatwave!

Important posts: A new TOTW has been announced! Click here to check out who it is and how they achieved it!


Events: The first event we had on Saturday was an Ausia Igloo raids event! For this special event, we explored different RPF troops’ awesome igloos and got them stamps! 30 troops joined us for this event! Our other Ausia event on Saturday was Operation: Stamp Frenzy! This event was all about collecting as many stamps as possible! 25+ troops attended. For our EU event today Operation: Stamp Quest we had another stamp hunt. This event had had 35+ troops attend! For our final event today we had an Unscheduled EGCP battle where EGCP was nowhere to be found! Our competitors backed out before we even had a chance to raid them! This event started as a battle but ended up being a training event for the RPF. Even though this event did not go as we planned we managed to still max 35+! GJ RPF.

Check out the Ausia round 1 igloo raids event here, the Ausia round 2 Stamp Frenzy event here, the EU event Operation: Stamp Quest here, and the EGCP unscheduled results here.

Translation: “Event Canceled”, “RPF was going to raid our event”

Important posts: N/A

Weekly RPF Updates:

There is now a merchandise shop! Buy anything from hoodies, shirts, phone cases, mugs, flags, and more! Be sure to check it out here!

Today our EU event will be held on OldCP, this isn’t moving to a new CPPS, rather just trying out some of the cool features this one offers! Be sure to make an account before the event here.

The owners of Reps for RC and Rebel Cash Bundles have switched. Biffer now controls the reps business while Junie controls the credit bundles. Send a reputation point to Biffer, and/or credits (with the appropriate amount) to Junie for RC, from now on. Read the pinned messages in music-botspam for more info on how the businesses work.

Promotions will be released soon after the EU event!

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? One-third of the land surface on Earth is desert.

Did you know? Frogs don’t drink water, rather they absorb it through their skin.

Did you know? The Indonesian word for water is “air”.

Did you know? Metallica is the only band to have ever toured on all 7 continents.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week:

The first person to answer the following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RPF discord!

What is one item available at RPF’S new merch shop?

Have any suggestions for Team Tuxedo? Don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments below!

Click here for RPF’s Twitter here for RPF’s Youtube channel, and here for RPF’s merchandise shop!

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This week’s Tuxedo Times has been brought to you by:

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  1. One item available is the RPF Flag

  2. Fight the Good Fight Tee – Official Rebel Penguin Federation Merchandise

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