Tuxedo Times – 6/17/18 [Edition #31]

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Events and Important Posts:


Events: On Sunday we started today of with the very first day of Project: Rise of Ausia!

This week everyday there was an AUSIA event to mark the beginning of the Rise of the AUSIA division. Day 1 of Project: Rise of Ausia we maxed 60+ troops. This is an amazing size for the AUSIA division and shows that the division is growing. For Sunday’s EU event we had a Navy vs Air force battle. The event was wonderful as both teams pulled off great formations and tactics. For this Navy and Air Force event we managed to max 45+ troops.

Click here for the Project: Rise of Ausia day 1 results and here for the Navy vs Air Force results.

Important posts: Promotions are here! To find who got a promotion click here!


Events: On Monday we had two events, one AUSIA and one US. For AUSIA we logged on to the server of Alaska for our second day of AUSIA Project: Rise Of Ausia, Sunrise. For this AUSIA project we needed a consistent number of 30-35+ troops attending the ausia events throughout the week, we did some pretty epic tactics and formations, we maxed 30+ troops for this event. We also recruited around the island. Great job on AUSIA, Rebels!

For Monday’s US event we logged on to Alaska, we had a great event, we wore our normal uniform, we did some awesome tactics and formations, we maxed 30+ troops for this event as well. We recruited a lot of penguins. Proper job, Rebels.

Click here to view the results of Monday’s AUSIA, and click here to see the results of Monday’s US event.

Important Posts: N/A


Events: The first event on Tuesday was the third day of the AUSIA project: Rise of AUSIA. Everything went well and we managed to max 40+ troops. On Tuesday we also had an unscheduled US which turned out to be very fun. We maxed 20+ troops.

Check out the Rise of Ausia day 3 here and the unscheduled US here.

Important posts: The winners of the RPF art contest are in! Check out who won here.


Events: Project: Rise of Ausia day 4 was on Wednesday! For this exciting AUSIA event, we grabbed our trumpets and spread our amazing tunes around the island! Not only did we have fun we also maxed 35+. On Wednesday for our EU event we all logged on with our mops in hand and cleaned up CPO as much as we could, for Operation: Sanitary. We maxed 40+ for this event and made CPO the cleanest it’s ever been!

Check out Project: Rise of Ausia day 4 here and the EU event Operation: Sanitary here.

Important posts: N/A   


Events: Today we had our Rise of Ausia day 5 event! We managed to keep our size between 30 and 35+ today with a max of 35+ troops!

Check out the fifth day of the Project: Rise of AUSIA here.

Important posts: Another amazing Troop Interview is this week of course, and this week the troop lucky enough to be interviewed is Weebwad! Check out the interview here!


Events: Today we held day 6 of the Project: Rise Of AUSIA, where we wore the splatter hat and grooved our way swiftly through the island. We maxed a good 30+ in this event and displayed many amazing tactics and formations while we kept dancing! We then conducted Operation: Disco for our EU event, where we danced our hearts out and presented some special moves! We maxed 35+ during this event. Good job to those who attended!

Click here to check out Day 6 of the Rise Of AUSIA project, and click here to check out the EU event, Operation: Disco!

A new TOTW has been announced! Click here to check out who it is and how they achieved it!


Events: On Saturday we had 3 total events, two AUSIA and one EU, For AUSIA part one, we logged on to Alaska. This was the 7th day of Project: Rise of Ausia. We were wearing our favourite instruments for this event. We did epic tactics and great formations, we accomplished our goal for this event by maxing 30+ troops for this event. Great job to everyone who attended!

For Ausia round two we again logged on to Alaska. This was the final event before the Final Judgement AUSIA event. We wore the free items from the current CPO party, we did some pretty amazing tactics and formations and accomplished our goal by maxing 35+ troops for Saturday’s AUSIA part two! Great work, Rebels.

Saturday’s EU was called the Invasion Of Alaska. The goal for this event was to max 65+ for this event, we managed to max an astounding amount of 75+ troops, we wore our normal uniform, and recruited many as well. We did some pretty great tactics and formations. The event was a blast, everyone loved it. We absolutely nailed it. Awesome job, troops!

Click here to check the results of Saturday’s AUSIA part one, click here to check the results of Saturday’s AUSIA part 2, and click here to check the results of Saturday’s EU!

Important posts: N/A

Weekly RPF Updates:

Popsicle’s Bigger Package Business for Rebel Cash is now owned by Keem under the name of Keem’s Even Bigger Package. From now on send the appropriate amount of credits to him instead of Popsicle. Check all the pinned messages in music-botspam to check out the offers.

There is now a new @Supporter role for anyone that purchases RPF merchandise!

Be sure to check out all of the channels in the World Cup text group in the server, including roles, sweepstakes, discussion, and scores!

Yesterday we had our Biggest event of 2018! This Invasion on Alaska proved that we can still reach very large numbers of over 80, even after the CP Rewritten Era. Great Job to all! Check out the results of that event here.

The AUSIA division’s most recent project, The Rise Of AUSIA, has been a great success with AUSIA being able to manage over 30-40 troops consistently over the past week. This project was concluded earlier today with a HUGE Invasion of Abominable, maxing 75+ troops. Great job to everyone who participated in this project, and special shoutout to Nightmare for leading AUSIA through this amazing journey. Be sure to check out today’s the project’s final event post here, and especially be sure to checkout Night’s speech in #announcments.

Promotions will be released soon after the EU event!

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? Today’s AUSIA event, Invasion of Abominable – The Final Judgement was the largest AUSIA event in CPA history, maxing over 75 troops online at once!

Did you know? The only difference between fog and mist is visibility: if you can’t see more than 100 meters ahead, it’s fog, not mist.

Did you know? Every day, the number of people around the world living in extreme poverty (Making less than about $2 a day) goes down by 217,000.

Did you know? About 90% of the world’s earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire, an area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week:

The first person to answer the following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RPF discord!

How many troops did the EU event Invasion of Alaska max?

Have any suggestions for Team Tuxedo? Don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments below!

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Taetaer, Tazy, Nightmare, Flv, Cosmo, Max, and Keem.




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