Tuxedo Times – 7/15/18 [Edition #34]

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Events and Important Posts:


Events: On Sunday, we held Operation Aftermath, where troops aimed to continue the strong numbers achieved during the Rise of AUSIA. The event managed to do such, maxing 40+ troops. Later, we held an EU event where we tried out the newest CPO server, Flurry. This event maxed 35+ troops.

Click here for the results of the AUSIA, and here for the results of the EU event.

Important Posts: Last weeks promotions were released. Click here to see who got one.


Events: Today we had two events! Our first event was a surprise appearance by the Templars, and RPF troops were quick to respond, resulting in a well deserved victory to the RPF! Great work! Our next event was Operation: War Training! This event went very well, our tactics and formations were amazing and showed how well we can perform when in battle and that we are ready for anything.

To see the results for our templar battle click here

For Operation War Training post click here

Important Posts: N/A


Events: On this day we had unscheduled events, meaning that events could happen at any time during the day! The 1st unscheduled of this day was an AUSIA event in which the RPF trained in anticipation for the CPO army league tournament. Needless to say our formations were good and we improved on certain flaws.

The 2nd event of the day was a raid on the Templars, our current enemies. We raided one of their events to show our strength and dominance despite them trying to resort to cheap tactics in order to win. Good job to everyone who attended the unscheduled events!

Click here for the unscheduled AUSIA results and here for the EU unscheduled raid on the Templars.


Events: We had our daily EU event which was called Operation: Rebel Recruit. Since we declared wars on the Templars, the objective of this event was to recruit more troops to join us for the upcoming war. Both new and current RPF troops showed great coordination and a huge display of numbers, make sure to welcome the new recruits! EU managed to get a total of 40+ troops! Good job to those who attended!

Click here for the EU Operation: Rebel Recruit Results!

Important Posts: N/A


Events: N/A

Important posts: Another week of troop interviews was released! Find out who got interviewed here


Events: Today, we conducted 2 beautiful events – Operation: Mining Federation for AUSIA and Operation: Ready Up for EU! The AUSIA event was fantastic as we maxed out 45+ troops while achieving our objective of recruiting more rebels for the tournament, as well as performing many spectacular tactics and formations! Additionally, our EU event was absolutely astonishing as we presented a great transition between our tactics and formations while maintaining a huge size of 50+ troops! Good job to everyone who attended the events!

Click here for the results of the AUSIA event, and here for the results of the EU.

Important Posts: A new Troop of the Week was chosen! Be sure to congratulate Dino when you see him online! Click here to see how he earned this honor.


Events: Today we started with 2 rounds of AUSIA events, the first one named Operation: Firestorm, where troops performed blazing tactics while maxing 20+ troops. The second round of AUSIA was named Operation: Sharknado, where troops dressed in shark outfits were performing head spinning tactics, maxing 40+ troops.

And for our EU event, we had a very special mock battle against EGCP. This incredible battle had us max 60+ troops! Great job to all who attended and did picture perfect tactics.

For the results of the first and second rounds of AUSIA, click here and here respectfully. For the results of the Mock EU battle, click here.

Important Posts: N/A

Weekly RPF Updates:

New limited time roles are currently available in the role shop, only available until the end of July! Be sure to check out Mermaid and Surfer by typing .shop in music-botspam!

Also, the Plant role has been modified, greatly increasing it’s value. The Plant role now gives you 10 rebelcash the day you purchase the role. Doubles the rebelcash you receive every day until the end of the week, then restarts back at 10, and repeats.

The outfits for the upcoming RPF Olympics can all be found at this link.

Operation Dynamis has been completed, read all about this secret project here, very important things are included that the CPO Army community should all know.

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo all mean “Capital” in their respective languages.

Did you know? If the US were to cut it’s military budget by 75%, it would still have a bigger budget than any other military in the world.

Did you know? Cows produce more milk when listening to rock band EDM.

Did you know? There are no bridges over the Amazon river.

Video of the Week:

Question of the Week:

The first person to answer the following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RPF discord!

What is the head item for Team Torpedo on CPO?

Have any suggestions for Team Tuxedo? Don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments below!

Click here for RPF’s Twitter and here for RPF’s Youtube channel.

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Keem, CPG, Nightmare, Max, and Flv.



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