Below is the RPF uniform, a set of clothing to designate the RPF on Club Penguin.. If you do not have anything close to this uniform, do the best you can to make yourself look like one of us, and at least turn black during combat.





Penguin Color: Black

Head: Snowboard Helmet

Face: Robot Helmet

Neck: H2O Pack

Body: Tactical Gear

Hand: Black Guitar

Feet: Reindeer Handler Boots



Penguin Color: Black

Head: Stealth Tracker [Enter "EPFAGENT" on Clubpenguin.com to unlock it!]

Neck: Bandana [Always in the gift shop]

Body: TIE Fighter Pilot Costume [Enter "BARONFEL" on Clubpenguin.com to unlock it!]





Penguin Color: Black

Head: Snowboard Helmet

Face: Robot Helmet

Neck: H2O Pack

Body: Red Bobsled

Hand: Black Guitar

Feet: Reindeer Handler Boots





Penguin Color: Black

Head: Black Puffle Bandana

Face: Night Vision Goggles

Neck: Red Backpack 

Body: Black Hoodie

Hand: Black Guitar

Feet: Black Sneakers




Penguin Color: Black

Head: Black Puffle Bandana


347 thoughts on “Uniform

    • ᴇʟᴍɪᴋᴇʏ [ʀᴘғ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ] - |07 - 1st 2ic| { ƒĩɢɦŦ Ŧɦ£ ɢøøƊ ƒĩɢɦŦ } on said:

      That’s perfect!

    • ᴇʟᴍɪᴋᴇʏ [ʀᴘғ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ] - |07 - 1st 2ic| { ƒĩɢɦŦ Ŧɦ£ ɢøøƊ ƒĩɢɦŦ } on said:

      Do not worry just make sure your penguin is black during events we will be revising and updating the current RPF uniforms in the following days.

  1. I don’t have a camouflage background. But I have brown hair, black sunglasses , black jackets, lava boots that are black and a black grappling hook. Which jacket should I use the one with mirrors or the one without mirrors?

  2. I don’t have the goggles niether the bandana but i have something simalar.and if u dont have anything just wear black as the color for ur penguin.

  3. hey RPF is a nice team we can join it but i am getting excited will it really be a interesting war i cant believe well i like it.sometimes i play CP.its different now so i will play everyday.

  4. Question: When will the uniforms be updated?

    There has been many variations of the uniforms during the battles. It seems to be evolving with more black body suits or with black robot suits with neon green lining. Additionally, more equipment & modern wear.

    Just an opinion to get the clothing up to date so the RPF can look good while also fighting good! MIKEY OWNS!

    -Ueityhtak, RPF Rebel Cadet

  5. ummmmmm i dont have any of the member or non member stuff is that ok?
    well i have H2O pack and Body items but no boot can i wear my sneakers and pink gutair?
    plus who has the robot crap?

  6. I don’t have all of that so I put on black puffle bandana, ninja suit, night vision goggles, black guitar, and sneak-ers

  7. ok i know what we have to wear and im a member but is it alright if i do the non member outfit? i cant get the member items because i joined cp in the year 2010.

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  9. I’ve got quite a few better ideas for the NM uniform. Here they are:

    No armor:
    Body: Cat Burglar Outfit (acquired thru Marvel Takeover 2013)
    Face:Any mask that is black (can use an eyepatch, code ELPIRATA)
    Head: Black Beanie (recently acquired thru Marvel Takeover 2013)
    Feet: Anti-Lava Boots (Acquired thru Operation Blackout)
    Neck: Red Bandana

    Light Armor:
    Body:Deflection Vest
    Hand:Grappling Hook
    Neck:Plasma Laser
    Feet:Anti-Lava Boots (This and all above in Light Armor acquired thru Operation Blackout)
    Alternate Hand: Storm Cloud Bracers ( Acquired in CJ snow)
    Face: Any black face item
    Head: Stealth Tracker, or if possible (preferred), Infrared Tracker. Any other black head item is fine.

    Heavy Armor:
    Body: TIE Fighter Costume (code: BARONFEL)
    Feet: Either blank or Anti-Lava boots
    Anything else would be optional.

    ^That’s a lot up there.

  10. have done under cover work.Down with RPF Down with RPF Down with RPF Down with RPF Down with RPF Down with RPF Down with RPF Down with RPF Down with RPF Down with RPF Down with RPF Down with RPF
    i quit RPF forever

  11. Don’t stress about not having a full uniform or all the fancy items. No worries. Just be black if needed. Here in RPF we accept everyone regardless of Club Penguin paid membership or not. If you have questions or concerns about uniform or anything, please ask me. What is important is that you have joined this amazing army and you are loyal and active in RPF.
    Welcome everyone :)

  12. dudes i have a range finder its a four barreled gun(biggest ones snowball missile,second biggest is .50 caliber [snowball with ice mixed a special way and molded into .50 caliber mold] and the smallest is .38 lapua and the biggest is .45 barret). Please don’t be alarmed the bullets and missiles are all a certain snow/ice mixture that doesn’t melt and if it does it freezes back

  13. i have another uniform RPF UNIFORM 2.0 – LIGHT ARMORED TANK
    head-ski helmet
    face-smoke vision goggles(or night vision goggles)
    neck-h20 pack,or pack.
    body-purple,green,blue,or red car or green sled
    feet-black shoes of any type

  14. ok i got two new uniforms both having to do with card jitsu
    ninja 1.0*
    neck-ninja amulet
    body-black belt
    face-ninja mask

    ninja 2.0*
    head-water helmet
    neck-ninja amulet
    face-fire mask
    body-elemental balance gi(or ninja outfit)
    hand-sword, blue cuffs or drumsticks(the drumsticks look like daggers)
    feet- snow sandals

    *1.0 means nonmembers and 2.o means members

  15. I have two penguins and I want both of them to be RPF agents but one of them is not a member can I just have him be completely black with a bandana or do something else? If I should do something else what?

  16. i made another uniform-SUPER HEAVILY ARMORED UNCRUSHABLE TANK!
    head-black night helmet(only)
    face-ghost hunter mask(or anything for your face that look like a gun)
    neck-pack or something that looks like a gun
    body-any car or sled
    feet-black shoes(any black shoes)

  17. I have got the idea of a new uniform!

    Head:Stealth tracker(insert the code EPFAGENT)
    Body:Fighter Pilot costume(insert the code BARONFEL)

  18. dude i have another uniform heavily weaponed tank
    head-cop helmet(from hollywood party[its a lazer shooter])
    face-ghost hunter mask
    neck-black camera
    body-red sled or red bumper car
    hand-range finder
    (optional stuff)
    pin- egypt country flag
    background- safari background excluding moderators but for moderator black and white office background

  19. girl uniforms
    delta hair
    delta shades
    pink and black shoes
    h20 pack
    delta shirt
    epf hat(or hair in pink ponytail)
    storm trooper costume(enter BARONFEL in unlock items online)

  20. drummer boy uniform
    head-any red hat (baseball cap or whos-his-name guy who plays all the instrument hat)
    body-hiker outfit
    feet-hiking boots
    (the last comment about girl uniforms i messed up its ALPHA)

    lightsaber fighter uniform
    black cloak
    pirate hat
    eye patch
    that one body thing you get if you win five battles
    anti-lava shoes

  21. Make a 3.0 uniform
    1)Color black

    2)Black hockey helmet

    3)Night vision goggles

    4)black guitar

    5)black EPF shoes

    6)any kind of army like neck item

    7)light saber

    8)any kind army type body item
    (If I say any kind of army type body item or any kind of army item you can decide form those but I would be very great full if you confirmed this request/new uniform

  22. My uniform is
    1)ninja outfit (black ninja suit)
    2)robot mask
    3)black star wars rebel trooper boots
    4)red cape
    5)red electric guitar
    6)color black (probably wont be able to see)
    7)and green epf helmet tracker
    now i will give a code
    the code is HAPPYCNY
    u get the purple dragon costume

  23. I call my uniform the Communications Uniform and it’s like this;

    Head Item: Blue Headphones

    Neck Item: Laser from Operation Blackout

    Body Item: Laserproof Jacket from Operation Blackout

    Hand Item: RC controller (sorta like a tracking device), Grappling Hook

    Feet Item: Lavaproof Sneakers, Black Sneakers

    Pin (optional): Calculator

    Background (optional): Any Background

    Color: Black, Blue, Navy Blue, Red

    That is my uniform guys! I hope you like it!

  24. These uniforms are getting old now. My request to Elmikey is to change these uniforms with respect to the newly introduced divisions in the army i.e, The Navy, The Marine and The Airforce. In short, i just want RPF to prepare precise uniforms for the different divisions in the army. Please do respond. Thank you.

    Arez Gazi (Airman_Airforce)

  25. alright,here’s my guy,

    puffle bandanna,

    black face mask,

    black cape,

    hawkeye outfit (marvel takeover),

    grey sneakers.

    hope you guys like it!

  26. Crap.
    I don’t have a lot of this stuff….
    But I think I can make it work somehow….
    Oh, and is it okay if I wear a girl’s wig? (I know how to make it look really cool, don’t worry)
    If you can’t already tell by the avatar, I’m a girl.

  27. Um, okay. I’m a member and I have some of “1.0 Member Uniform” but…there is the Red Backpack, Black Guitar, Black Hoodie, and Black Sneakers. I have the rest of the uniform though.(Black Puffle Bandana, Night Vision Goggles) And, I hope my puffle finds those items when I take it on a walk. XD

  28. I meant I don’t have Red Backpack, Black Guitar, Black Hoodie, and Black Sneakers.

    Snaily5 Edit: It’s ok, just do your best with what you have in your inventory. Anything Black is great. For a helmet use EPFAGENT, which is a free code for everyone.

  29. Hey RPF, Junie here, And i got pretty bad news, It`s pretty bad, I won`t be able to be active for pretty much of a whole month, because, My computer has something wrong in it. And it won`t let me get into chat, nor talk, I`ll have to download something like a Flash Player. Sorry i couldn`t be active, And sorry to the owners too. I hope you don`t demote me or such things for not being active. Anyways, Goodbye RPF. I`ll miss you all. And also, I could just come here to check the messages. I`ll look at the homepage, and Youtube videos, of your skills in RPF events. And also i`ll miss RPFBC. Anyways, Goodbye!!! I hope someone makes a prntscr picture, So all the chat can see and understand. Don`t feel bad. I`ll miss you

  30. Everyone in R.P.F kinda has their own uniform, and so do I. I have
    Head: EPFAGENT
    Face: Eye Patch
    Neck: Red Backpack with gears
    Body: Black Pilot Suit
    Feet: Brad`s shoes
    Color: Black
    Backround: Helicopter explosion

    Okay so these are my own uniforms. My Penguin username is Junie17125


  31. Teigan here, guys please don’t worry if you don’t have the correct uniform just use what you have also you can get most stuff in the catalogue that’s on now buy stuff that is RPF like but most importantly uniform is just the beginning as long as you turn black and attend events that could get you a nice promotion. Have fun as always being in our army. :-)

  32. also goggles and the blue bass guitar
    ~~Snaily5 edit: Just be as close to the uniform as possible. Whatever you don’t have just choose something as black as possible. Thanks

  33. dont have ANY of this
    ~~Snaily5 Edit: It’s ok, you can still be in RPF. Just be a black penguin and use the code EPFAGENT, which is a free code for everyone. If you have any items of clothing that are black, that’s good too. If not, then just be black with the free code EPFAGENT.

  34. hey guys can i have another colour guitar and another boots and i dont have the backpack so can i wear the blue scuba tank pleazie weazie

  35. I got something that is close to it.

    Head: EPF Helmet

    Face: Don’t need the face one.

    Neck: Backpack

    Body: BARONFEL Star wars suit.

    Color: Black

    Feet: Brad’s shoes

    Hand: I sometimes wear this thing, and it’s from star wars.

    This is how I look like prntscr.com/1q2kdp

  36. how do you get uniform because i don’t realy have any uni form :(.

    ~~Snaily5 Edit: You get the uniform by going into your penguin’s inventory in Club Penguin. You can buy the items at the Clothes Shop, such as the color black for your penguin. You don’t have to be a paying member to get an RPF uniform. Just be a black penguin and use the FREE CODE EPFAGENT for a head item. Just be as black as you can during battles and events. If you have any more questions, come to xat.com/rpfvictory and talk to an owner or mod (tan or white pawns) about having them help you with a uniform. If I am on, I’d love to go into Club Penguin with you and help you. Thanks for your question and welcome to RPF!

  37. im a girl so can i have black hair if not
    please make something girls

    ~~Snaily5 Edit: Sure you can have black hair. Just be as black as you can and that will be sufficient. Thanks and welcome to RPF! :D

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  39. after the finals are we going to go back to the other uniforms.

    LilStar EDIT: Yes, our official uniform is all black. After the tournament, we will go back to our colors. HOWEVER, FOR THE FINALS YOU MUST BE WEARING RED!

    • Wear what you have, we’re going to be Red tomorrow. Just wear whatevers Red. (Just Saturday) After that we go back to being Black.

  40. Hey everyone, It’s me Junie here and I will like to tell you guys something. Which are three things, that I’d wish to tell you about.
    1. I have retired, and some people already knows. I miss everyone, and I am very bored without being with you guys, or moderating chat. Even tho, I did move on. But you guys are still my great awesome friends.

    2. You guys are the best Club Penguin Army, maybe even better. You guys aren’t just an army, you guys are RPF. The RPF is an great family. I’d like to visit mostly everyday. Probably, the whole day. RPF, with your skills and pro activities, nothing can stand in your way!!!
    I come to the Rebel Penguin Federation about everyday and see new posts. I see you guys have an contest, and the owner of the year and moderator of the year. I’d wished to attend, but I can’t, I will have to just check your site everyday and visit the greatest Army. You guys may not be #1 to every armies. But your number 1 to me. And more than anything, you guys fight the good fight.
    The greatest army of all, RPF!!!!!

    3. With your skillful training, you guys should be #1 every week, every year, everyday. I commented this on Ranks, Chat, and more, for you to all see and understand more of how you guys are really great.

    By, Junie17125

    First rank: Private 1st class (Member)

    Last rank: General (Officer or Moderator)

    I will be going to site everyday to answer questions also.

  41. Where is the gift shop?

    ~~Snaily5 Edit: The Gift Shop is also known as the Clothes Shop where you find the Penguin Style Catalog. It is located in the Town on the right side of the screen. Thanks for asking! If you need help with your uniform, please ask an owner (tan pawn) in RPF chat or a mod (white pawn). We are here to help you.

  42. for non members you can get the uniform by entering the code epfagent and baronfel and you can simply got to the clothes shop and buy the banndana hope this helps :)

  43. You should make the 2.4 uniform the EPF agent headgear, then the Tie Fighter Uniform, then the expedition backpack! Since they’re all free codes everyone can wear it!

  44. If anyone dosent have the items, just look up Club Penguin item adder. It has all the items, member and non member, but its a bit risky because you can get banned. Dont belive me? Use an accoutn you dont use anymore or make one and try it.

  45. i’m colour:green and i only got the two codes on the 2.2 penguin rebel

    ~~Snaily5 Edit: Just do as much as you can. Whatever you do, be black penguin with black items. You could use the red bandana in the Penguin Style Catalog and the FREE code EPFAGENT and BARONFELS for a uniform.

  46. I don't have the black guitar.

    ~~Snaily5 Edit: It's ok, just go without the guitar. Just be as close to the uniform as possible and remember to have fun!

  47. i have a idea for a medic uniform it will have the ski patrol jacket black dress shoes hiking backpack medic kit ski patrol helmet and red sunglasses ir black sunglasses

  48. The H20 pack is from the EPF spy stuff you can buy with medals, the reindeer boots I think you just have to wait until it turns up in the shop.

  49. how about for uniform 1.0 for non-members has head: black puffle bandana, face: black mask (that looks like a superhero mask), neck: red neck bandana, body: deflection vest (from operation blackout), feet: anti lava boots (also from operation blackout)

  50. The Uniform consists of 2 mandatory items:

    1. The EPF Helmet. [ Enter the code "EPFAGENT" to unlock it! ]

    2. The Red Bandana, which is always available in the Gift Shop for 150 coins.

    3. Black Colour.

    The rest of the Uniform can be made by yourself, just make sure you wear black, dress black, look black. That’s all about the uniform, nothing to worry if you don’t have the items listed in this page here, you know then what to do, just follow the steps mentioned above ;)

  51. I have the 2.2 uniform.But does that mean that i am a non-member??!?! I think they are members right? I think a owner should change the name of the uniforms.

    • You can wear anything you like as long as it’s black. If you don’t have something, don’t worry, these are just ideas, you can make up your own outfits as well.


  53. Important Post all must see:

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    NOTE: If you are Reading This you may post what i said! Thanks!

  54. Everyone who are worried about that they don’t have any items from the ‘Uniform’ page. Don’t worry!! Just wear something black, there is no need to ask “Can I wear this?” As long as it is black.
    Items that are black, the ones that I know
    Black Color
    And others.

    • Actually, Junie, you cannot wear ‘just black’. If you do not have the member uniform, just wear the non-member’s.

  55. Hey just wondering if we could make a NEW version of the 1.0 uniform (members) beacuse some newer players dont have all of those old items so we could make a new uniform with the following items (note some are the same)
    Head: Black bandana
    Face: Night vision goggles
    Neck: H20 pack
    Body: Intense hoodie. (via cat or dog puffle dig only)
    Feet: Sneak-ers (EPF stealth version)
    Thanks and please leaders leave a commet on what you think! – Jack78613 Captain_Airforce ;)

  56. Ya know, you guys should contact Captain Jack, cause he’s got rad ideas for member’s outfits, that are customized for certain ranks/positions.

  57. Hey I have a black guitar but I am non member so I can still use it right?

    -Head:EPF vision goggles
    -Face:Black sunglasses
    -Neck:Red banana(hahaha I think you know what it is)
    -Body:High tight pilot costume(did I spell right?)
    -Hand:(Whatever I can manage…)
    -Feet:Anti lava boots
    -Pin:(Still donno)
    -Background:Star Wars background (cool right!?)


    • Blue Belly, you can choose whichever uniform you wish to, however if you have both of them, choose the one which is the latest of them, that is, the Uniform 2.2 . Welcome to RPF! :)

  58. i have a RPG-7 outfit

    head: police helmet
    face n/v goggles or smoke goggles
    neck: bandanna
    body: ghost hunter uniform
    feet: black shoes
    (non memeber)

  59. i have a RPG-7 outfit

    head: police helmet
    face n/v goggles or smoke goggles
    neck: bandanna
    body: ghost hunter uniform
    feet: black shoes
    (non memeber!)

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