RPF Uniform


*This is the current and only RPF uniform.

Both uniforms are valid, you may use whichever.

All items available in-game in February.




Head Item: Green Ball Cap

Location: Gift Shop Catalog

Secondary Item: None

Face Item: Dark Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles op

Location: The F.I.S.H. Catalog (HQ)

Click HERE for the tutorial on how to find the F.I.S.H. catalog.

Secondary Item(s): None

Neck Item: None

Location: None

Secondary Item(s): Red Backpack

Body Item: Black Parka

Location: Penguin Style

Secondary Items: Black Hoodie

Hand Item: Red Electric Guitar

Image result for club penguin red guitar

Location: Lighthouse Music Catalog

Secondary Item: Black Electric Guitar

Feet Item: Black Dress Shoes

Location: Gift Shop Catalog

Secondary Item(s): Any black footwear


  1. Can we change the uniform or at least make the uniform customisable? Plz!!!

  2. golden_wolf_heart123

    i cant get the bandana i did not see it in the close shop

  3. golden_wolf_heart123


  4. Can I wear the darth Vader costume?

    Jason1715/Junie17125 Edit: Yes, as long as it is black-colored [which it obviously will be since it’s Darth Vader] and it’s similar to the Rebel Penguin Federation uniform.

  5. well checkmy penguin vincent9938 look if its better rpf uniform

  6. The bandana is not available, but if you put on the fire ninja face mask, it looks similar

  7. I can’t find the red bandana in clothes shop and the code FERIASCP is already used !!!

    • The red bandana was removed from the clothes shop last summer.
      Maybe you have already got the backpack? If you havn’t try using the code again.
      ~ ♠๖ۣۜSнιηу♠ 

  8. I have two questions. One, how do you get accepted into the RPF, I already subscribed. And my second question is can you guys make an uniform for females with hair.

    • Answer to question 1:
      Once you have filled in a join form you are automatically in RPF. You will then be added to the ranks soon.
      Answer to question 2:
      We are working on a girls uniform. For now you should try to wear the usual uniform. You can add some hair if you like.
      ~ ♠๖ۣۜSнιηу♠ 


  10. how to get that uniform

    • To get RPF’s uniform you need to go to login to your Club Penguin Account and click the ‘Unlock Items’ button. It’s in the top right of your screen. Then click ‘I’ve Got A Code.’ Then enter the following codes:

  11. how do I get free membership???

  12. Can we rank Plz!!!!!!!

  13. my cp tag is corrin90. PLEASE don’t mistake me for a enemy

  14. HELLOO I’M NEW MY NAME’S Lalithkisore

  15. code says that its expire

  16. I can’t access as the code has expired

  17. Guys the Delta uniform code like BARONFEL, EPFAGENT, and FERIASCP are expired but you need to wear something black

  18. Cristian Escobar

    Can I just be plain black because im pour

  19. do I need to be a member in order to get the uniform. If so where is my membership I was promised?

  20. why can’t i unlock the main uniform on the unlocking/redeeming page . apparently the items have expired. what do i wear at the battle later today?!!

  21. i cant find the red banndana!!!!!!!! help me

  22. i had two thing i don’t have the bandana though


  24. The uniform codes have expired

  25. i want the membership you promised

  26. The Zeta Uniform is looking good, though I still prefer Gamma.


  28. The head item should be whatever we want.

  29. Please add the Delta Sneaks to the uniform. The Delta Smeaks are completely black, meanwhile, the black sneaks aren’t completely covered black. Please change it, thank you for your time!

    <3 Papa Smurf

  30. where do i get the sneakers on the catalog?!?!?!?!

  31. You can get the Night Vision Goggles if your penguin is ATLEAST one day old, I tried it with my new alt account.

  32. Love this group lets live a life of no regrets and win Revolutionary army is us

  33. how do you get the shoes for the uniform

    • The shoes are optional as long as they are mostly dark-colored. But, if you’re talking about the footwear shown on the image, it should be in the Gift Shop catalog. If not, you might need to wear other shoes like the Tactical Shoes or any other of that sort.

  34. Where Can you Get the shoes?

  35. So even if I’m a girl I still need to go with the standard uniform?

  36. May we have a separate penguin color? Like if I use my favorite color

  37. Most of the RPF don’t have these shoes and the backpack. Can we change these 2 pls

  38. Is it OK if I don’t wear this? I know it says only wear this, But I am a member of the RPF,Navy operative.

  39. whoever reads this is gay lol

  40. is there a party today?

  41. how do i get to air force uniform

  42. Just a suggestion but you should add the Air Force and Navy uniform on here. Easier for new people to find

  43. Can I wear my red bandana ecause i dont have the black one

  44. Wait theres a navy uniform?if so can i see it cuz i cant find it anywhere

  45. This helps. Thank you very much!

  46. I think the uniform should be changed for lower-ranked members because almost none of these items are obtainable at the moment.

  47. I can’t buy the night goggles. Will I be fine with my 3D glasses?

  48. i got banned from the RPF discord right after i joined?

  49. i cant get night vision goggles whats the sub

  50. We should have seperate navy and navy and airforce uniforms.



  52. can we wear hair if we are girls?

  53. When will the page show the air force and navy uniforms pop and left?

  54. Are there different uniforms for Navy or Air Force and I can’t find red backpack! Help?

  55. Really helpful that you can also find how to get those parts.

  56. Do we need to use the black color?

  57. Blacky black
    I like black shh

  58. its actually a lit uniform

  59. What about a Rpf robot penguin

  60. RPF is team Umbreon confirmed

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