COOL Unofficial CPR Territory Map

 Hello, everyone

So someone by the name of Greenday made a cool CPR territory map with a legend at the bottom left too! It looks pretty cool, so I thought I’d post it.

Thanks for putting time and effort into this, GreenDay!

Territory map

Note: This is unofficial and most likely not accurate. This map doesn’t truly show which army owns which server, and it has to be updated with information from each army leader to improve accuracy.

The full website is if you want to check it.

RPF cannot confirm that this website is 100% safe just yet, but it looks fine for now. Visit it at your own risk.



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


  1. Thanks so much! And it’s safe don’t worry XD

  2. but i am in the philipines but i am rpf

  3. unofficial but still p cool

  4. RIP i’m in the Philippines and i’m tuba 🙁

    I’m RPF, not gonna betray the RPF!

  5. Interesting, hopefully other armies follow along with this map

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