Urgent Address from the RPF Hokage

The day has finally come…

Today, Club Penguin announced they would be closing down Club Penguin’s desktop version and moving fully to the mobile version in order to promote the new version of Club Penguin called “Club Penguin Island”. This conclusively means the end of armies using Club Penguin for events, this includes the Rebel Penguin Federation. After March 29th of this year, RPF will no longer be on Club Penguin. Now, if you’re a soldier, moderator, owner or even a leader, you might not be able to comprehend the news. It will be a hard adjustment, but this is something RPF can easily accomplish. Through adversity, RPF is the strongest. When darkness falls and it’s the darkest hour, RPF always stands tall. RPF has always had it’s hurdles, but look at us, we’re still alive and stronger than ever. If you think this is the end of RPF, you don’t know our past, you don’t know what we’ve gone through together as an army. There’s still no end in sight, you must still fight the good fight soldiers. I will never give up on you, so please don’t give up on me or RPF.

— Silverburg —


  1. coould we use cpps.me or is it possable to use the club penguin moblie or even move to another game?

  2. We’ll survive – i don’t know how but i belive… .
    Fight The Good Fight.

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