Table of Contents

1. The Flag
2. The Nation
3. The Territory

1. The Flag

Above, is the U.S.R.P.F Flag. RPF is the #1 Club Penguin Army.

  • The symbol stands for the USRPF and the Rebel Penguin Federation. The symbol represents the unbreakable will and stability of the RPF.
  • The color black stands for RPF itself, RPF has always been known for the army in black. It’s shown on our flag to represent the proud soldiers of RPF.
  • The color red stands for RPF’s power, and our determination in battle.
  • The color white stands for Freedom, Justice, and Peace. Our legacy in which we defended from our creation to our end.

2. The Nation

The U.S.R.P.F stands for the United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation. It is currently known as a large, proud, and productive nation with ambitions to expand. RPF will defend the U.S.R.P.F. to its final breath. If the nation falls under siege, RPF will risk everything and take every possible course of action to protect its nation’s citizens and its continuity. The U.S.R.P.F. is also known as one of the first nations ever in Club Penguin Armies, owning the entire central page before the Club Penguin server update in 2009. The U.S.R.P.F. was also huge during 2013 and 2015, having many servers. Then, the U.S.R.P.F. was a very large and powerful nation during the summer of 2016 during the server map, where it owned most, if not, all of the middle continent and some other servers in the other continents, having the most achievements gained and continually staying at the top of the leaderboard for most of the time. Now, the U.S.R.P.F. is still massive being in its fourth golden age.


  1. we have half pipe
    and acp claim to have retaken snow fort

  2. We need to update the page for CPR

  3. Yeah can you update it

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