We Demand Answers, CPR

Update: Read the ENTIRE post, please

CPR has recently announced they will be relaunching. I have many doubts about this new iteration and I will explain why. Everyone who has played CPR knows what I’m talking about – rampant lying, too many excuses, mismoderation and abuse. The last two months were very eventful, and I’d like to share with you all what has happened, and bring up questions that none of us have the answer to. So, here’s a small recap:

-CPR claims they are shutting down.

-CPR says they are no longer shutting down.

-CPR claims they are shutting down.

-CPR shuts down due to security issues.

-CPR says they have “deleted their database”, meaning all penguins have been erased.

-CPR twitter states there will be a relaunch, saying people can still use their old penguins.

Some people might have had to reread that a few times, because to be honest it’s quite nauseating. But what most people haven’t looked into (I have) is what happened following their shutdown.

What they don’t want you to know:

When CPRewritten shutdown, much of their staff quickly jumped to Pengur, a different CPPS. After a month of failure (really, who here has played pengur lol?), they have announced the reopening of CPR. This raises a few concerns. For one, this shows that their staff gives up completely after a month, and also that the same staff who claimed CPR was shutdown for “security reasons”, and their concern for themselves, may be hiding something from us. Remember, they shutdown CPR after receiving many hacking threats, which can be a viable reason to shutdown. However, exactly how true are these claims? Why move to another CPPS, and after a month of failure, reopen the game you said you COMPLETELY deleted (claimed they deleted their database, meaning every penguin would be effectively erased.)

Don’t believe Pengur is made by the same staff from CPR? Look here:

I was originally going to highlight everyone in the picture who was former CPR staff, but realized it’s literally everyone.

Here is proof we were told CPR’s database had been deleted:

Right click this image and press “Open in new tab” to view it clearly

What this means: The database contains all user information, meaning every account ever made. In order to relaunch CPR after this point, it would require everyone to re-register, collect all of their items and coins again, etc. There is no going back after doing this. This was done, or at least, should have been done, for security reasons.

And here’s them saying our penguins are still usable:

Some of you may be asking: why is this a problem? Isn’t it good we can keep our accounts?

No. CPR shutdown because of HACKING THREATS, they said they did it for OUR safety and their own. They said they deleted the database so we would have nothing to worry about, and to prove they really aren’t coming back. How do you feel knowing that had they been hacked, in a time where it seem very likely, your information could have been very easily stolen due to a lie? 

I also found something else which turned out to be very interesting –

It’s all about the money

We were told that there were many people at risk, whether it was from the swatting threats or hacking threats. But when looking at CPR’s twitter, I noticed that they were asked multiple times if whether or not they would shutdown any time soon. They responded with “we have enough funding, so no” each time. So, this brings up a question: if CPR never was concerned with money (at least publicly) during their shutdown, what does it have to do with it staying up now? Was money the REAL reason why CPR shutdown, not the privacy concerns? It seems like we have been lied to, yet again.

I would also like to mention the abuse:

Please read our log of CPR’s abuse, by clicking here.

RPF and other groups that organized on CPR had been given a strict set of rules to follow. We complied. Despite this, we were abused constantly by the staff – kicked, verbally insulted, and even banned on several occasions. Not even on the last day of their existence did they let us enjoy the Waddle On party with other members of the community. They completely despised us, and did not consider us apart of their community, despite being very active and friendly players of their game.


CPR shuts down with privacy concerns as the primary factor. Money was not mentioned. They claimed they deleted their database and there is no going back. After this, the staff move to a different CPPS and try their luck there. However, after failing to make anything out of nothing, exactly one month later they announce the reboot of CPR. They say that they have enough funds to restart, indicating they didn’t have enough funds at the time of their shutdown. They also reveal their database really wasn’t deleted, meaning we were lied to.

Remember, this is the same CPPS who sets themselves many deadlines and fails to reach all of them. This is the same CPPS who has played with our emotions on hundreds of occasions. Same CPPS who has abused us countlessly, and failed to understand that we were putting up with their abuse to continue playing their game. Is a game who says a very bold Goodbye, works on another, and then decides to come back a month later one who we want to rely on?

None of it adds up or makes sense, and the community wants answers. So, on behalf of not just RPF – but everyone who has ever played CPR, we want a statement addressing this post and the contents in its entirety.

Until we get this, I suggest nobody plays CPR upon its release. They have lied to us over and over again. They are an UNSTABLE game with unstable staff members. RPF will remain at CPU for the foreseeable future.

I’ll see you on the battlefield,



  1. BendyToons CPPS

    I think they planned all of this

  2. Lets go back to cpr it sounds super good

  3. They probably got their mysterious ‘funding’ from selling the email addresses they claimed to ‘delete’ along with the database. They’ve only proved themselves to be liars and bullies. At least when Codey ran CPR Staff learnt not to overstep the line.

    • “liars and bullies”
      Basically how the RPF acts like to me.
      pls don’t start a argument over this comment

      • what have we ever done to you

      • If you’re going to attack RPF we are in our right to defend ourselves. Everyone is welcome to join RPF but like you would in any discord, if you break the rules you get banned. We don’t pretend to be something we’re not, we merely want to help and continue the CPPS community.

        • Why would I attack something I’m afraid of?
          I’ve seen the RPF’s worst side once before,it didn’t scare me enough then,it does now.

  4. I was have many stamps and outfits its gone forever? And furniture items?

  5. Completely agree.

  6. I agree, they are liars, we fight the good fight, they fight the bad fight…
    – Dino

  7. I agree 100%, i can prefer CPR over CPU, but their lies? they are constant liers and they did it many times already, i dont think they deserve to be forgotten that easily. Also, if the accounts were to come back, they would also have lied once again.

  8. Kaju0001 [frostbite]

    i dont really know what to do but wow they lied to us Manu times!
    kaju0001 [frostbite]

  9. As much as I want to play it when it releases again I most likely won’t. I don’t trust them anymore. Just gonna stick to CPU and a few other CPPS’s I play / will play when they release.

  10. i think theres a lot of fishy stuff going on and that we shouldnt give up on cpu so fast the cpu mods (in my opinion whata ive seen heard) have been more open minded trying to let both parties i mean rpf and cpu community to try and get along we are allowed to have events on all servers as long as we dont over do it to an extent that the ppl think it gets hard to play the game cuz we are in the way and instead of shuting us of from servers whit 3 bars or more cuz of lag they try to make the servers more capable of wase of ppl logging in and more

  11. I personally want to go back to CPR if, and only if, all my stamps are there, my coins are still there, and my clothes remain untouched.

  12. Even with their shady practices, CPR is going to be incredibly popular. I’ll personally switch to it, even if RPF doesn’t switch to it.


  14. What a lot of companies, businesses, websites, etc. do is sell information such as emails to advertisers so that the advertisers can see what websites and programs you use. Because of this, they put up more ads on these website and programs to try and get you to buy whatever they’re selling. Don’t you think it’s a bit weird how games on websites that are free are able to stay up and running without any source of income from the playerbase/community? This makes me wonder how CPR “has enough funding” to reopen, and didn’t delete the database when they said they would? Sounds like a huge plot for money to me. I definitely think there is something going on in which we aren’t being told about.

  15. wow i didnt even realize this… very intense stuff

  16. I don’t even care about CPR anymore…….. It’ll just die again,and the RPF will get all mad,Pengur will become popular,etc…

  17. From the moment I read the announcement this is exactly what had been going on in my mind, I remembered all the moderator abuse and when they had said all database and penguin information would be erased, I really need answers to this post as these questions are completely valid, we cannot trust a CPPS that lies to us unless it proves otherwise.

  18. How do they plan to still have the account information? Pretty fishy. I love CPR and was heartbroken when it shut down but I don’t know if I trust them to be truthful anymore.

  19. Looks like both sides are crazy. Oof.

  20. Lastly, your post is full of **, you act like victims but your not just **** and grow up. and i know my comments wont be approved because i say the truth and call your ***** tart bags out but if you come back to CPR to do your stupid “battle” i will call you out and make you ******* look stupid

    Left Edit: No, your comments won’t be approved because you’re being immature. I don’t care if you have your own opinion. This is what the post is for, to help people create their own opinions on CPR. Be appropriate and I will approve your comments.

    • how about you just not play cpr, it will make 75% of the CPPS community happy and the CPR community happy. you claim its bad, but yet you guys troll the discord and will most likely just keep bashing cpr out for anything they do, just stop and move on. continue with cpu and just dont even touch cpr kthx

      • You commenting anonymously convinces me that you’re either currently rpf or ex-rpf lol. I’m not rpf myself but don’t have a problem with them. They are victims, because the entire CPR community is. Also hate to burst your bubble but at least 50% of the CPPS community IS rpf. They can play CPR if they want to because anyone can. Kthxbai.

        • Exactly! As an RPF Major, we are about 50%+ of the CPPS community. Any “Anonymous” If you are RPF, why are you ragging on your own people?

          • 50%? nah fam, more like 20% out of 1.8 million users that played CPR only 500 if that were rpf how about you guys get your facts straight and just stop. You guys act like you control the CPPS population hate yo burst your bubbles but you dont only 20% you can ask every CPPS out there and i will be more than happy to prove that over 75% of the CPPS community either hates RPF or never even heard of them. All you guys do is spam emotes and “fight” when spamming, crashing servers and rooms. so glad to hear you wont be moving back to cpr because you guys need to get your facts straight because you guys are worst than president trump, more like the leader of North Korea.

            Junie17125 Edit: Nice of you to bring statistics to the table—the only problem is that some of your data is inaccurate, so allow me to provide you something that is more accurate than yours, to say the least. There are approximately 7100 users as of this moment in the RPF Discord (about 50 making up the Recruit role, 1900 for Private role, 250 for PFC, 100 for Corporal, 60 for Sergeant, 40 for Master Sergeant, 20 for Sergeant Major, 15 for Scout Medic, 10 for Second Lieutenant, 10 for First Lieutenant, 10 for Major, and 20 for Colonel).

            Those roles are just for the member rankings which make up a total of 2485. There are approximately 30 moderators and 10 owners which add to the total and make it 2525. 2525 is the rough estimate of the number of users with a rank in the Rebel Penguin Federation. That is about 35% of all users in the RPF Discord. Now, I know this doesn’t take into account activity of players but this was to be fair. 1.8 million old CPR players is a large number, but you didn’t seem to consider the accounts that were likely: bots (come in huge numbers), inactive players, alts, etc. If there were 1.8 million current and active players, the servers would be full pretty much the entire duration of when CPR was around.

            A large portion of the CPR player base had already moved on to other CPPSes such as CPU or CP Online. CPR essentially sent off most of their users and is getting a significantly lesser amount back. This post was voicing the opinions of many users and was made for all users (not just RPF) of the CPPS community that is thinking of returning to the game.

            Also, as a suggestion to help you out for your future life, please work on your math.

      • Also, We are instructed not to attack CPR. If anyone claiming to be RPF is they are either trying to slander us or didn’t get the memo.

    • *you’re

      Can we please have adult supervision on people under the age of 7? This is what happens when they’re left to do as they please. You don’t even have the guts to reveal who you are, everyone can scream and shout behind a mask. It was not just RPF’s data that they didn’t delete, it was your data too. We all were under the same risk, the difference is that we realise it and speak up against it instead of crying immaturely over cp armies while threatening which btw wasn’t even the topic here.

    • Anonymous,do you know who I am?

  21. I wasn’t even aware of half of this. This is sketchy and if they’re decent, then they will come forward and make a response with actual answers. :/

  22. Its my first time seeing this….Why CPR

  23. Um Pengur isnt even opened of course no one plays it

  24. Man, I cant believe the CPR team would reopen this game, they already had the farewell party. You don’t come back from a farewell party, plus the CPR team lied to use about deleting all the users from the database which is unacceptable, I wouldn’t see myself playing Club Penguin Rewritten anytime soon until we get our closure.

  25. I’m only going to Club Penguin Rewritten for the last time just to check anything that I have before I stop playing, but I’ll still be on Club Penguin Universe.

  26. Really? It was not needed a post. The Pengur staff (which is actually 90% CPR’s staff) had already said that when Pengur releases, the ex-CPR players will be able to transfer age. Really they had themselves proved that they did not delete anything just the game was made non-functioning…

  27. You know what? I WILL probably go onto CPR a couple times, but just because of all my stuff and stamps.

  28. Good grief this has gotten serious, it’s blooming one thing after another!

    I used to be an RPF private, about a month before everything started with the RPM, then all that happened and I was left like “Okay, what in the actual hell? I thought this was meant to be fun and relaxed,” then the site went down because of the DOS attacks! Since then, I’ve left the RPF and instead record the history of a few CP Armies on the CP armies wiki. Since then, things just seem to have spiralled out of control, with CPR shutting, then it reopening, and now this! I think this post is valid and I’m personally very shocked at the potential ramifications, being an ex-CPR player myself

  29. Also, there is a response to the whole use old penguin thing here: https://community.cprewritten.net/2018/04/27/the-island-has-returned/

  30. I have a lot to say about this, as it seems very aggressive and that has a big part to play in the viewpoints of people. CPR don’t really share financial info publicly because it is unprofessional first of all, this is understandable. Having a bigger budget (more money) would allow them to upgrade their database and everything else to a more protected, secure account ( or whatever), so a lot of this can be explained, but you’re right that not all of happened can be excused.
    Now with all the stuff with Codey and all the threats going on and pure hatred being thrown around, it took a toll on the cpr team and others from different cpps’s and just people that go involved, this seems to generally be a difficult thing to handle and so we can excuse that they may of been overstressed and dealing with all that hatred on top of everything else ( shutting down loosened the tension and created space, things arent so rough as they were and the team wouldve probably needed a break from that as they couldn’t decide what to do). The database I can’t really confirm anything, however it wouldnt be surprising that CPR would have a backup storage, in case anything happened to their current one (CPO has the account transfer, containing accounts and their items from somewhere in January, now that is the same database but a saved one from the past, CPR would definitely have one and more updated, as codey got kicked from cpr). Why didnt they delete it? I dont have the answer, I havent been through what made them shut down – and it was for a month -ish, so the primary was deleted but the backups weren’t. Please don’t despise me for standing in defense for CPR, because it’s hard to see clearly from one standing point and we should accept stuff as a community and not just hate one another because of discord and disagreement.
    sorry if this makes you mad, and thanks for reading! – Crunchy Snow

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